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Second Shot * * * * * 83 Ratings


What do you do when you are deep in the closet but you meet the man of your dreams? Do you take the chance and risk the consequences?
Copyright © 2010 Andrew_Q_Gordon ; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

This would be the first story I posted here, I can't say it is autobiographic in anyway, but it does draw on a few things I have done or experienced in my life. Comments are welcome.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 A Chance Meeting 18 reviews, 7,323 words,
    Meet Jason - soccer player, student and closet case.
    Meet Peter, martial arts champion, student and out.
    Can these two opposes get together without worlds colliding??
  2. Chapter 2: A "Plan" 8 reviews, 6,307 words,
    Plans have a way of seeming so great when you think them up and so terrible when enacted.
  3. Chapter 3: The Best Laid Plans 10 reviews, 6,265 words,
    Even the most carefully thought out plans crumble where you heart gets involved.
  4. Chapter 4: Dare to be Happy 10 reviews, 7,411 words,
    Peter challenges Jason to take a chance and be happy.
  5. Chapter 5: Shot Across the Goal 10 reviews, 6,651 words,
    The soccer team learns something new about Jason that will affect his college soccer career.
  6. Chapter 6: Ask Me in the Morning 9 reviews, 7,931 words,
    The first sleep over. How they got there is half the fun.
  7. Chapter 7: Three's a Crowd 8 reviews, 8,376 words,
    Wendy's attempt to get Jason alone for a day doesn't work out quite as she planned. In fact it is nothing like what she envisioned.
  8. Chapter 8: Frustration 7 reviews, 5,652 words,
    Having spent the night two weekends in a row, it make for a good bit of frustration when they can't be together. That and the general strain of pretending is start to wear on them both
  9. Chapter 9: Skating By 7 reviews, 5,822 words,
    Peter's surprise is revealed and the two make plans for the Christmas holiday.
  10. Chapter 10: Christmas is a Time to . . . . 7 reviews, 7,689 words,
    Christmas is a time for a lot of things, but when you're not out to your parents it isn't about spending the holiday with your boyfriend.
  11. Chapter 11: A Week is Not Enough 9 reviews, 8,008 words,
    The two spend the week together, but what will the hint of what could be do to Jason?
  12. Chapter 12: A Little Freedom is a Good Thing? 9 reviews, 5,332 words,
    Now that Darryl knows, Jason has more freedom to spend time with Peter. So what does he do with him new found freedom?
  13. Chapter 13: Fall 'Out' 6 reviews, 6,113 words,
    Have slipped up and let Jordan know he was gay, the word will be out in no time. Now it's time to deal with the consequences.
  14. Chapter 14: Hurricane Barbara 4 reviews, 6,317 words,
    Friends and siblings are one thing, telling your uber catholic mom you're gay is another.
  15. Chapter 15: After the Storm 4 reviews, 4,390 words,
    While things weren't great at home, they weren't the total disaster they could have been. Now it is back to school
  16. Chapter 16: Team Unity?? 4 reviews, 4,680 words,
    Having decided to confront it head on, Jason has to tell his coach and teammates. And he thought telling his parents was hard.
  17. Chapter 17: First Time for Everything 5 reviews, 6,626 words,
    With things as school better than things at home, Jason has to decide what to do come summer.
  18. Chapter 18: School’s Out for the Summer 4 reviews, 8,816 words,
    Summer means being apart from Peter, that has it's own issues that are made worse by the people Jason ends up working with.
  19. Chapter 19: What Money Can Buy 1 reviews, 4,568 words,
    A trip to end the summer and an invitation to meet the in law.
  20. Chapter 20: Dinner With a Surprise 6 reviews, 3,629 words,
    Peter takes Jason to his mom's house for dinner. After getting the tour, Jason is put on the spot by a question he is not prepared to answer.

    Short Chapter, in fact, all the Chapter's going forward are going to be shorter than before, that way I can post them quicker.
  21. Chapter 21: A New Season 5 reviews, 7,579 words,
    Soccer practice starts again and Jason is in for a surprise or two.
  22. Chapter 22: Apology Not Accepted 5 reviews, 6,932 words,
    Jordan tries to apologize for outing Jason even as Jason is making plans to watch Peter compete.
  23. Chapter 23: New Classes 13 reviews, 5,808 words,
    Out of the blue Jason suddenly starts getting messages from his mother. That can't be good.
  24. Chapter 24: Pick a side. 18 reviews, 5,513 words,
    Jason makes a decision on whether or not he is going to do what his parents want. The question becomes, is he willing to live with the consequences.
  25. Chapter 25: Cause and Affect 12 reviews, 4,776 words,
    I think many of you will disappointed with this chapter, but what happened to Peter, how bad it is - bad - and well - read on to find out.
  26. Chapter 26: The Friends You Keep 8 reviews, 5,407 words,
    When things look bleak, you know who your real friends are.
  27. Chapter 27: Vigil 10 reviews, 5,510 words,
    Peter's father arrives and the candle vigil takes place. Just when you think its as bad as it can get, well . . . read on.
  28. Chapter 28: The Price You Pay 13 reviews, 5,302 words,
    No cliff to hang from this chapter, just what happens to Jason now that he told his mom to shove off.
  29. Chapter 29: Brothers 6 reviews, 3,906 words,
    The family is back together, but at what cost? This chapter you get to see a bit more of Dean and Jason together.
  30. Chapter 30: A Night Out To Forget 9 reviews, 4,076 words,
    Darryl and Dean take Jason out to help him forget, then the police show up -
  31. Chapter 31: Pre Game Warm Up 6 reviews, 3,033 words,
    Short transition chapter, hopefully folks won't hate it. No change in Peter's condition, but that's not all bad, right?
  32. Chapter 32: Head In The Game 5 reviews, 4,416 words,
    With a trip to the playoffs on the line, can Jason pull it together enough to help his team win?
  33. Chapter 33: What Are Best Friend For 8 reviews, 3,404 words,
    Jason leaves his brother in the care of his best friend and teammates, how good an idea is that?
  34. Chapter 34: Sins Of The Past Revisited 8 reviews, 5,218 words,
    Jason returns to Peter's apartment for the first time since their fight.
  35. Chapter 35: Sunday Afternoon 20 reviews, 4,081 words,
    Nothing to say, just read the chapter and let me know what you think.
  36. Chapter 36: Clearing The Air 6 reviews, 3,719 words,
    So I didn't kill Peter off, but now they need to deal with what happened.
  37. Chapter 37: A New Day 7 reviews, 3,942 words,
    Jason has his meeting with Det Belle and get some not so good news about Peter's status.
  38. Chapter 38: For Richer or For Poorer 11 reviews, 3,844 words,
    Woo Hoo Peter is getting released but to what?
  39. Chapter 39: Back To Where It Began 11 reviews, 3,440 words,
    Jason is taking Peter back to his place. What happens when they are both back in Peter's apartment for the first time since the fight?
  40. Chapter 40: Subpoenas 6 reviews, 4,363 words,
    Peter's home, Jason's happy, what could go wrong? How about the return of Belle and Dravek. You thought you didn't like them before . . .
  41. Chapter 41: Grand Jury 5 reviews, 4,744 words,
    Here is where life imitates art. This draws heavily from work. Of all the characters in the story, Martin is perhaps the closest to me. Just sayin. So if you don't enjoy legal type stuff, this might be a chapter to skip. Not sure much refers back to it later on.
  42. Chapter 42: The Holidays 12 reviews, 6,276 words,
    Soccer, family, holidays what could go wrong.
  43. Chapter 43: Family Ties 11 reviews, 5,392 words,
    The Henry Mansion, Jason' family, lotsa food, Peter should have no problems at all.
  44. Chapter 44: Pop's Will 9 reviews, 4,083 words,
    Like the chapter before, this one owes a debt to KevinD for his amazing help.
  45. Chapter 45: Moet & Chandon 15 reviews, 7,621 words,
    New Year, new twist to their relationship.
  46. Chapter 46: Lies 8 reviews, 4,794 words,
    Chapter title says it all.
  47. Chapter 47: Do You Still Love Me? 12 reviews, 3,468 words,
    I don't think people will like me after this chapter - sorry.
  48. Chapter 48: After The Break 18 reviews, 4,560 words,
    So this is the almost end. Just a short interlude before things come to a close.
  49. Chapter 49: Moving On 36 reviews, 7,363 words,
    Well this is it. Jason asked Peter to tell him person, and in this chapter we find out what happens.
  50. Chapter 50: Epilogue 25 reviews, 2,022 words,
    Yes this is rather anticlimactic, but since I have not begun to write the short story yet, this is the best place to post this teaser if you will. It's short so won't be a long read.