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The Trial of Jordan Colmar * * * * * 17 Ratings


This is the companion trial story to Second Shot. It is from the prosecutor's point of view and it will take us through a couple witnesses and verdict.
Copyright © 2011 Andrew_Q_Gordon ; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Second Shot ended with Jordan Colmar charged but not tried with the attack on Peter Gregory.  The detectives interviewed people throughout the story - so here is the trial.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue 1 reviews, 2,024 words,
    Please note this is a reprint of Chapter 50 from Second Shot. It is NOT NEW. Chapters 1-5 and the Epilogue will be new material. I am posting it here for context so people don't need to go to Second Shot to read this part.
  1. Chapter 1: Call Your First Witness 10 reviews, 4,106 words,
    So here is Chapter 1. This is not Second Shot, continued - sorry to those who were expecting the further lives of Jason and Peter. This ties up a loose end from the story. It will bring the events of Second Shot to a close though the characters may rise to live again in a different story.
  2. Chapter 2: The Victim 8 reviews, 4,209 words,
    Peter tells the jury what happened when he met Jordan just before the assault. We learn a few things we didn't know before
  3. Chapter 3: Ex-Friends 8 reviews, 4,165 words,
    A couple of Jordan's ex-friends are called to testify.
  4. Chapter 4: The Defense 7 reviews, 5,127 words,

    In this chapter I hope to delve a bit into the defense case.  We learn a bit more about how Team Jordan hope's to overcome the evidence against him.  Yes Trevor - he does - have a credible defense.

  5. Chapter 5: Reasonable Doubt 11 reviews, 5,419 words,

    For those who don't think Rankin has a defense, read this chapter.  Note, the government goes 1st and last so I skipped the government closing and will give his real closing next chapter.

  6. Chapter 6: Rebuttal 10 reviews, 5,928 words,

    Here is the Prosecutor's response to the defense closing. Typically my closing would be a LOT longer than this, but for the sake of the story, I did my best to keep it to the necessary bits. 

  7. Chapter 7: Verdict 11 reviews, 2,919 words,

    The long awaited Verdict.  While he, or won't he?  Read on to find out. 

  8. Epilogue 22 reviews, 3,122 words,

    Yes, here it is, the  end of the trial and by extension, it wraps up the loose ends of Second Shot which is finally complete.  Enjoy and please leave a review.