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Andy's Shorts to GA Prompts Book 1 of GA Prompt Stories * * * * * 2 Ratings


These are my responses to some of the story prompts found in the forum. Click on the "Link to prompt" at the end of each story for details of the prompt and to see what other authors have come up with. This is my 2012 collection.
Copyright © 2012 Andy78; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Prompt #103 2 reviews, 1,001 words,

    We have the embodiments of ideas around us. We see Death as The Grim Reaper, Justice as a blind woman, the world of dreams is watched over by the Sandman. Take one of these or create one of your own and write a short story from their point of view.

  2. Prompt #105 0 reviews, 623 words,

    Opening line: “And just what the hell am I supposed to do with this?”

  3. Prompt #95 1 reviews, 711 words,

    The idea of a Mirror Universe isn't a new one. There you find a world so similar but yet so different. Now it is your turn to turn a universe on its ear. Pick a story you have written that is short and something you enjoy. Now alter one major event that happened that would completely alter the story. Now retell it

  4. Prompt #99 1 reviews, 529 words,

    Create a story that uses the following words - 1. Bathtub, 2. Blueberry Pancakes, 3. Mailman, 4. Library, 5. puppy, 6. wedding ring

  5. Prompt #85 0 reviews, 665 words,

    Welcome to "Everything Old". It is a special kind of shop and everyone seems to remember it being here in town forever. It has a new owner, you. Good luck.

  6. Prompt #71 1 reviews, 667 words,

    Welcome to Utopia. Here everything on the surface seems wonderful and life is perfect. At least it was until you discovered the truth about how this world is kept running. What is the awful truth? What will revealing it to the rest of Utopia mean?

  7. Prompt #86 1 reviews, 756 words,

    The sounds of crying dragged you outside. As you got closer you thought at first it was a baby, but as you got closer one look showed you it wasn't. Who would have thought that you would find something like that here at the edge of the forest.  So what did you find crying at the edge of the forest?

  8. Prompt #110 0 reviews, 441 words,

    No one is just evil. They work from their own point of view. Your job is to create an “evil character” but you have to explain why they are that way. What happened to turn them into the person they are and why do they find that “evil” lifestyle so appealing?

  9. Prompt #4 1 reviews, 594 words,

    The country is in dire need of another holiday that everyone can celebrate, and the government has given you the task of picking it. What event will you add to the holiday calendar, when is it, and why? What will people do on this holiday to celebrate?

  10. Prompt #108 0 reviews, 155 words,

    Use the following words in a short story: obituary, ice cream, red dress, fish, and apartment.

  11. Prompt #107 0 reviews, 382 words,

    Everyone knows the old saying, “if these walls could talk.” Well imagine something that would be around someone for a while.  Bring that object to life and let it tell about the person it is always around.

  12. Prompt #77 1 reviews, 533 words,

    The news has announced that the age old legend about dragons is no legend. The skeleton of a massive dragon has been found in the hills not far from your home. The thing is you knew it was no legend. In fact you are guarding the last egg of this race. What do you do now?

  13. Prompt #91 1 reviews, 657 words,

    Take a look at a short story you have written and enjoyed. Now rewrite this tale from a minor character's point of view.

  14. Prompt #24 1 reviews, 31 words,

    Write a 26-word story where every word begins with a different letter of the alphabet.

  15. Prompt #31 1 reviews, 16 words,

    Your challenge is to write a rhopalic sentence of at least 10 words. That is to say, a sentence in which each word is one letter longer than the preceding word

  16. Prompt #114 1 reviews, 887 words,

    In the house down the lane lives a boy everyone seems to know and love. However the house hides a secret and the boy is the key. What is going on?

  17. Prompt #117 1 reviews, 690 words,

    Opening line: “What is that smell?”

  18. Prompt #Umpteen 0 reviews, 461 words,

    Tell us about one of your peers that you knew and found interesting in 8th grade. (Since we don’t have grades like you do in the US, I’ve chosen year 9, which I think is the same age group [age 13])

  19. Prompt #32 0 reviews, 380 words,

    So, my challenge is to come up with your own idiom, then list it and its meaning.

  20. Prompt #46 0 reviews, 605 words,


    Write a story featuring a creature not usually considered cute and cuddly, but IS.  OR

    Write a story featuring a creature usually considered cute and cuddly, but ISN'T. 

  21. Prompt #45 0 reviews, 200 words,

    Create definitions for the following words: squirmish, flexting, misinfotainment, fomo, intaxication, brainspin, buysexual, sharewear, recessionitis, interneuter

  22. One word prompts (1-10) 0 reviews, 1,035 words,


    Grab a word and write a drabble type story to go with it.

    I've used the literal meaning of a drabble, which a story of one hundred words.

  23. Prompt #137 2 reviews, 2,401 words,

    Opening line: “But if you don't do it, you know you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

  24. Prompt #20 1 reviews, 106 words,


    Write a drabble

  25. Prompt #17 0 reviews, 143 words,

    Finish each phrase with the metaphor or simile that first comes to mind

  26. Prompt #127 1 reviews, 2,447 words,

    Opening line:  “Just how many more times can you do that?"

  27. Prompt #81 2 reviews, 616 words,


    Opening line: “Oh my god, I think I killed him!”

  28. Prompt #151 2 reviews, 2,265 words,


    Everyone is always saying that if they could change just one thing, everything in their life would be perfect.  The opportunity came only instead of better, your life became so much worse. What did you try to change and why?

  29. Prompt #154 1 reviews, 1,778 words,


    Use the following words in a story: pile of books, swim suit, raccoon, cup of coffee, and black roses

  30. Prompt #155 2 reviews, 2,814 words,


    You really have had enough of being everyone’s perfect little teenager.  So for prom you have decided it was time to be dangerous.  Little did you know what you were getting yourself into with your choice of prom dates.  What went wrong? 

  31. Prompt #152 3 reviews, 445 words,


    Opening line: “Do you mean to tell me that was your first . . . . Oh crap!”

  32. Prompt #165 3 reviews, 1,350 words,


    You’ve seen the movies where scientists screw up and try to bring back something that was extinct and cause all sorts of trouble. Well evidently they didn’t and decided they would try with something that couldn’t possibly be problematic. What did the scientists bring back into existence?

  33. Prompt #166 1 reviews, 571 words,


    Use the following words in a story: thunder, surgery, alien, cake, and oak tree.

  34. Prompt #28 1 reviews, 955 words,


    Write a scene involving at least one character, but without referring to that character by name.

    The idea is to exercise the use of alternative ways of identifying the character. For example, you can use descriptions, pronouns or other characteristics of the character to indicate who you are referring to

  35. Prompt #178 - A Hallowe'en Prompt 4 reviews, 1,406 words,

    Use the following words in a story – blanket, red thong, snow, necklace, and salad

  36. Prompt #172 - another Hallowe'en prompt 1 reviews, 1,393 words,

    Use the following words in a story – pillow, evergreen tree, rabbit, storm cloud, and fishing rod