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27. Prompt #81 From Andy's Shorts to GA Prompts

Andy78%s's Photo   Andy78, 04 Jun 2012


Opening line: “Oh my god, I think I killed him!”


“Oh my god, I think I killed him!”  Malcar couldn’t believe it was that easy to take a life.  They approached the body (well corpse is probably a more accurate term) to examine their handiwork.

“No shit, Sherlock.  It’s your job to kill.”

“I’ve never killed before.”  Malcar studied the lifeless body and he could still see the look of abject fear on the face of their victim.

“That was your first?  I can’t believe I got saddled with a bloody newbie!”

“Kalshann that’s not fair, we’ve all got to start somewhere; don’t forget you were a newbie once upon a time.  I didn’t ask to be assigned with a veteran.  Just like you, I get told where to go and who to go with.”

“You are right, Malcar, I’m sorry.  I was with my last partner for so long, we got to know each other really well, and become as close as brothers.”

Kalshann and Malcar had been notified three hours ago who their target was; Michael Upstart was a twenty-three year old recently qualified doctor who lived on the English south coast.  Why he had to die Malcar didn’t know, and Kalshann didn’t know either.  They don’t get told why their victims have to die, only that they have to die.  Like all others who operate in the field, Malcar had undergone a lengthy training course but nothing quite prepares someone for the first time of taking of a human life.  Malcar knew that it was supposed to be like second nature, but then again Malcar is not like most.

He had never particularly held a human life in high regard, but then again neither have any in his line of work.  After snuffing out the life of this person who was only a few years out of his childhood, Malcar began to experience something he didn’t expect; he was having an emotional response.  What was this emotion he was feeling?  It was an entirely new emotion for him to be feeling, one completely alien to his state of being; one he had heard of yes, but had never personally experienced.  Malcar felt that he might be wrong, but thought that this emotion is called regret.  He was feeling remorseful that Michael Upstart was no longer alive, and he was beginning to wish he had played no part whatsoever in the death of the young man.

Malcar believed these emotions to be pesky things which served no useful purpose, and he couldn’t wait to get back so that he could put these feelings behind him; he hoped against hope that his dad didn’t find out that his only son was experiencing the early onset of compassion.  Malcar knew that he had no business feeling emotions like this, but like he said, he’s not like most.

“Come on Malcar, we need to report back.”

“I’m coming Kalshann.”

After the two had left, a light shone above the body of Michael Upstart, and two more people appeared by the body.

“Maxine, was that him?”

“Yes, James.  That was my son.”

“Why is he on their side?”

“Mine and Lokat’s union was the first in nearly ten thousand years between an angel and demon.  The old laws are clear; a male child belongs to their side, and a female child belongs to our side.  However, I have noticed lately that his angel side is becoming stronger, so I guess Lokat is going to have some fun times coming up.  If he thinks being a demigod in Hell is difficult, imagine raising a demon who is becoming an angel?  Come on James, let’s collect the doctor’s soul and be on our way.”


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Opening line: “Oh my god, I think I killed him!”

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