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Into The Grey... * * * * * 1 Ratings


A young man wakes to find himself in a life that defies everything he ever deemed possible...
Is he able to leave his old life behind and accept his new life in a world that makes little sense and offers to break him at every turn?
Copyright © 2012 Arkaven; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

I am not sure what to put here in the Story Note section so i am just going to do what i do best... RANT!

You may notice, almost immediately that the protagonist's name is somewhat elusive, this is intentional as i felt the revelation needed to be symbolic.
Anyone with a keep eye may notice the shift in my written tense, I wanted to give a feel of how this guy is seeing the world and the phases he goes through.

Apologies up front for any grammatical errors... I stink at written English.

Hope the story brings you as much fun as it did me...

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 ~ Into the Gray... 1 reviews, 1,864 words,