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Author Help: Likes and Peer Review - - - - -


How “like this”, “follow this story”, and “follow this author” affect the peer review system.
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Story Note

 This system is actually a search feature that everyone is flat out misunderstanding. Some people really like to read "new" authors. Most of the "new" authors would, in theory, have under 100 likes. It is also a way for us to catch people who come here just to post plagiarized stories from other sites. (They come, they post, they leave and are never heard from again.) It's not in any way a punishment or a purgatory.

Table of Contents

  1. How “Likes” affects a story being posted/viewable 0 reviews, 81 words,
  2. How do I get more Likes? 0 reviews, 120 words,
  3. Where did my unlike go? 0 reviews, 43 words,
  4. What is Peer Review 0 reviews, 91 words,
  5. How do I get my story out of Peer Review? 0 reviews, 70 words,
  6. Can you explain the approval process? 0 reviews, 80 words,