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New Author Help: How to Post a Story * * * * * 2 Ratings


Read if you just found us, just decided to sign up, or have decided to begin to sharing your stories here in addition to having them previously on the web at another story site (such as Nifty, AwesomeDude, etc). Covers posting rules, how to post a story, common posting problems, where and how to announce and advertise your story.
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Table of Contents

  1. What are the Story Content Rules? 0 reviews, 468 words,
  2. Steps you must complete PRIOR to posting a story 0 reviews, 113 words,
  3. Posting Guidelines 0 reviews, 1,320 words,
  4. Step by Step Story Posting Explanation 0 reviews, 492 words,
  5. After Posting Issues, Moderation Approval 0 reviews, 324 words,
  6. Announcing and Advertising My Story 0 reviews, 335 words,
  7. Editing a Story 0 reviews, 388 words,