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Rooted in My Heart * * * * * 3 Ratings


Dylan, a lonely teenager simply searching for love in life, finds a connection to a childhood acquaintance and tries desperately to befriend him. When his best friend comes up with a plan to solve Dylan's problem, will it work, or will it only cause him more pain?
Copyright © 2012 Autumn Dream; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Reflections 4 reviews, 4,799 words,
  2. A Leap of Faith 4 reviews, 5,791 words,
  3. The Light in the Storm 1 reviews, 5,905 words,
  4. Valentine's Day 3 reviews, 4,581 words,
  5. Get a Clue 2 reviews, 5,984 words,
  6. Twists and Turns 1 reviews, 1,340 words,
  7. The Art of Deception 2 reviews, 2,303 words,
  8. Answers in Disguise 1 reviews, 3,100 words,
  9. Sparks Fly 1 reviews, 5,092 words,