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4. Cornflower

Bleu%s's Photo   Bleu, 21 Aug 2012



If I were a flower
I'd be a cornflower
Growing among other plants
At the heart of a garden.

And while my sister flowers
Would be conquering wheat fields,
Fighting the poppies' red
With their blue hue,

I would be mingling
With the yellow rose,
The white daisy
And the pink carnation.

If I were a cornflower,
I would call for the breeze
To make my leaves
Brush up against yours,

To tangle us into
A seemingly single flower
Of blue, purple, yellow
White and red petals.

And the jealous rising sun,
Would shine upon
The pearls of dew
Dancing on our petals,

And create a rainbow
To match our colours.


21 November 2011

My avatar at the time was a cornflower

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5. Dreaming of a summer day →