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1. Chapter 1

Foster%s's Photo   Foster, 17 Dec 2010

A need response.

At This Moment

Chapter One: A Game For Two

In that moment I knew. A guy just doesn’t do this as a joke. Ed was in a crouch dribbling the ball with his back to me. I wasn’t sure what he was doing. He just kept backing toward me. Well, I wasn’t going to let him back me up all the way to the net, I stood my ground. And that’s when it happened, Ed backed up to me, pressing his ass into my groin. All the time still dribbling. And we stood still. Time stood still. I think my heart stopped. Just the sound of the ball bouncing up and down. Then I realized I had reached out my hand and was rubbing Ed’s back.

I hated sitting at a desk all day. The job was good. But I wanted to move. So I started going to the gym at lunch. It was a great place, provided by my corporate employer. Yet it was always empty. I think the fact that corporate also provided lunch in a nice dining room was the reason. Almost free food or sweat. The eternal question. Anyway I was vain about my looks. At thirty three, I was doing okay. And I intended to stay that way. So off to the gym I went almost every day. I liked that it was empty. It meant I could do exactly as I pleased. But for some reason I spent some time every time doing basketball drills. I suck at sports, so I guess it was a little fantasy. You know I was back in high school and I was the Player on the team. “Excuse, me.” Huh? I look up and turn around.

“You’re Sam, right. I’m Ed. In PR.” Yeah I knew the guy. A good bit younger than me. And yes better looking in that I’m blonde you know way. “Want to play one-on-one?” Without waiting for an answer Ed stole the ball from me and flashed his way to the net, jumping into the air to dunk the ball. “Asshole.” I coughed. Ed gave me the biggest grin and bounced me the ball. “You go first, we’ll play to twenty one.” And that’s how it started. Soon Ed was showing up at least three times a week and we would play one-on-one. Ed beat me every game. And the truth was I didn’t give a damn. I was soon having too much fun. We played fast and hard and maybe sometimes even mean. But god I loved it. Ed could play rings around me, but he didn’t. He played to my level, urging me to play better. And always with laughter and a smile. I looked forward to our games. I started to look for Ed off the court. Of course I found him and what I found puzzled me at first and then it made me mad.

Ed gave me the cold shoulder in the office. Well he was always polite and civil. Hell I guess he was damn normal, if it wasn’t for how I felt about him and the way he treated me on the ball court. I thought our friendship went beyond that. And I got damn aggressive about it. I stopped all our banter on the court. Before each game was a constant stream of comment and laughter. Now there was barely a hello between us before the game began. And we were rough now with each other. And I started to resent Ed’s ease at the game. His always winning. But I never told Ed I had enough and Ed always showed up. By the end of each game now I was angry. I would be breathing hard with the sweat running down by face and I would be glaring at Ed. Ed would grab his towel and wipe his face and walk away. Maybe I got a “good game.”

That brought us to today. I didn’t give a shit any more. Ed could show up or not. We could play or not. He could drop dead. But Ed showed up. As he approached the court I bounced him the ball and watched his body, anticipating his move. Ed caught my eye and smiled at me? We had stopped smiling weeks ago. And he spoke to me. “You’re looking good today Sam.” He bounced me the ball. God that ticked me off. Ed looked like fucking unreal. His blue eyes and blond hair and sharp features. His smile. His shoulders and his torso. I slammed the ball at his face, but Ed caught it of course and laughed. “Okay I’ll go first, Sam.” And our game started.

And it was like in the beginning. Ed was all smiles and jokes. And I found myself melting again. And I realized how much I missed this part. Being Ed’s friend. And instead of being happy. I got mad. Because I knew Ed had held himself back these last weeks and in the office. He had deliberately held himself distant from me. So in response to Ed’s good naturalness, I played rough, rougher than ever. We never called foul, but Ed could have. I was all over him. And that was when it happened.

Ed pressed himself up against me. And I was stunned to the core of my being. I was rubbing his back without realizing it and he was pressing harder against me. And something wild in me took over. I reached out with my other hand and grabbed Ed’s hair and jerked him up. I knocked the ball away and pulled Ed’s arm behind him in an arm lock. “Is this what you want Ed?” I marched Ed forward until he would of kissed the wall if he didn’t turn his head. I took his arm and placed it above his head. Then doing the same with his other arm. “Don’t move.” I pressed my hold body against his. My front molded to his back. “Is this what you want?” No answer. I stepped back and hear Ed whimper. I held him in place with my left hand pressed to his back and I made a fist with right hand with the thumb rigid and standing out straight. And I jammed my thumb and fist hard between Ed’s ass cheeks. I did it over and over. And finally I stopped with my thumb pressed in against his most intimate and vulnerable place. “Ed is this what you want?”. I had to listen close to hear. “Yes.”

I spun Ed around and looked hard at him. I forced his arms up again harder than I needed. He was trembling. I kissed him. An hour ago I would of begged at his feet to kiss him. And at this moment he was totally mine.

A force unleashed.

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This story was originally written in early 2010.

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