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Foster%s's Photo   Foster, 26 Jun 2012


bye Bugeye
You are black and white
High contrast beauty sleek
Polarized color tinted pieces bleak 
Creases edges daggers knives
With my mind silent
I eye speak
No wonder
I wonder I wonder
And let wander
One finger
Into folds of tangled sleep
What are you
Where be you
In this mist of twists
These wisps of twine
Your existence here
Just masking
Marking time
Mine ?
Fine ?
Wine ?
This your car
This your ride
This breathing machine keen
Beneath our window waiting clean
Growling prowling howling
As we seek
As we peek
Into the otherness of our deep
The other one’s mess
Dare we go
Dare we stay
Further murmur
Into the flickering 
Of you and me
Of us and the dark
Watching world 
Of the black stars and the blacker void
Come away with me now
Hear the sirens and the hounds
Velvet stains the violet pains
The surrounding ground
Doesn’t exist, it doesn’t exist
My forehead finds yours
My breath, your breath
Our lips
June 26, 2012

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← 1. Poem One: Purgatory
3. Poem Three: Portrait →