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Zax Reviews

CassieQ%s's Photo

Jul 07 2011 03:33 PM

(Chapter 1 Review)

This is fascinating. I like it :)

View Post Reply from Foster (author)

Thanks for noticing one of my stories.
Nephylim%s's Photo

Mar 02 2011 03:38 AM

(Chapter 4 Review)

Very interesting. The story is very cohesive but very abstract at the same time. Liking it

View Post Reply from Foster (author)

Thank you Nephylim.
Nephylim%s's Photo

Mar 02 2011 03:23 AM

(Chapter 3 Review)

This leaves me breathless. Your other works, that I have read have been prosaic poems, mind expanding concepts and clashing shocking spiralling nuances almost with the story being the least of it.

This time the story is the most of it and the poetry enhances rather than controls
Nephylim%s's Photo

Mar 02 2011 03:19 AM

(Chapter 2 Review)

Very intriguing. Again the poetic feel draws me in.
Nephylim%s's Photo

Mar 02 2011 03:16 AM

(Chapter 1 Review)

As usual you stories are poetic in their flow of words. I am absorbed
Bleu%s's Photo

Jan 28 2011 03:52 PM

(Chapter 1 Review)

So much mystery and unexpected! And already quite a few characters to follow through the next chapters. You've officially whetted my appetite! :D
Renee Stevens%s's Photo

Jan 26 2011 01:49 AM

(Chapter 1 Review)

Sam, really enjoyed this first chapter and can't wait to read more... definitely want to know more about Zax!
MikeL%s's Photo

Jan 25 2011 06:49 PM

(Chapter 1 Review)

Sam, a most intriguing and unusual story. Is escape his objective or is Zax displaying that he is a paragon himself?