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6. Chapter 6: Lover of Wisdom Reviews

Yettie One%s's Photo

Jun 19 2012 06:27 PM

(Chapter 6 Review)

So I sat there thinking lots after I read this chapter.
Is this all happening in his head in a dream?
I quite like the way Percy describes another possibility.
Maybe he's day dreaming. :P
I agree as well that it's more interesting and authentic that the answers he seeks are not given to him on a platter.
The plot thickens! :P

View Post Reply from carringtonrj (author)

thanks for reading and sticking with the weirdness!
Percy%s's Photo

May 21 2012 09:18 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

"Must I sacrifice my happiness in order to be good?” I asked him, boldly."
Provoking question. I like the way you've set this up. Our protagonist gets to explore all this and other questions as he and Tim encounter various characters during their walk about the countryside. While the ideas explored could easily be one person's internal dialogue, this presentation is much more entertaining than having the protagonist sitting in a hotel room thinking through the problems.
True to life, no one is offering hard and fast answers to the difficult questions - only perspectives. Looking forward to the next installment, as always.

View Post Reply from carringtonrj (author)

thank you for a really thoughtful comment. i'm definitely trying to do what you say. there's another dimension driving things too, but that might not become clear for a little while. as ever, thanks for reading. :)
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