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Various shards - on edge. These fragments are an attempt to get at a feeling from all sorts of angles. They are intended to fizz with implications.
Copyright © 2011 carringtonrj; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. A Selection from the Disordered Shreds of a Defunct Correspondence 1 reviews, 2,771 words,
  2. Words: Ridiculed by Music 0 reviews, 1,448 words,
  3. Daggers 0 reviews, 661 words,
  4. Fractions 0 reviews, 673 words,
  5. Shards 0 reviews, 856 words,
  6. Chapter 6: Orientation 3 reviews, 104 words,

    A response to a request from Irritable 1. x

  7. Chapter 7: Solace 3 reviews, 169 words,

    A piece for Irritable 1. x

  8. Chapter 8: Mouseheart 1 reviews, 97 words,

    Poem for irritable1 - based on picture of dormouse. x



  9. Chapter 9: Cold At Christmas 3 reviews, 113 words,

    How it feels to be sick at this time of year. A poem for Irritable1 x

  10. Chapter 10: Man Love Poem 1 reviews, 133 words,

    For the only man I could love.