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4. The Killing Field

Celethiel%s's Photo   Celethiel, 07 Mar 2012

The Killing Field
By J.A. Oshio

This field once filled with joy
Bullets and death now claims
My hand clutching my toy
As a sniper now aims

I run out to reach him
Only to see him fall
Killed by Hatred’s whim
I scream as I wrap him in my shawl

My hatred knows no bounds
They take everything
These are my hunting grounds
And it is death I bring

A movement I saw
Too late my son
As I drop my jaw
Then my gun

Liberate this land I shall
From it’s religion’s grace
Though it all makes me ill
The last I see is her face

My finger pulled the trigger
Quieting her voice
In this moment I lost my vigor
By my inadvertent choice

Both now the fool
Fighting on open ground
And the fire they fuel
And finally in blood they drowned

I walk upon the killing field
Tears streaming down my face
For the child I could not shield
Wings unfurl as I leave this place


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