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Accidents Happen * * * * * 37 Ratings


Charlie's whole life has been a series of accidents. He often joked that if it wasn't for bad luck he wouldn't be here. But now that everything is changing again in his life what will this accident bring to him?
Copyright © 2011 comicfan; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

All characters spring from the author's imagination. Any relation to those living or dead is purely by accident.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 - Charlies Night 17 reviews, 1,878 words,
    Just when Charlie thought things were going great disaster strikes
  2. Chapter 2 - After the rain 17 reviews, 1,681 words,
    As day follows night, Charlie has to get out to face the world. But what happens when you are so caught up in your mind that you fail to realize what is happening around you?
  3. Chapter 3 - A Life Saved 15 reviews, 1,601 words,
    Charlie has to deal with the accident. When you are the cause what do you do?
  4. Chapter 4 - Meeting Mr. Reeds 15 reviews, 2,394 words,
    Charlie finally is heading off to meet his rescuer. Just what will this mean to him.
  5. Chapter 5 - Working Out the Day's Events 14 reviews, 1,553 words,

    Charlie goes home with a lot to think about. Not everything will solved but he does start to deal with the first of his problems.

  6. Chapter 6 - The Music Knew the End 15 reviews, 2,292 words,
    Charlie's day is one of ups and downs and endings.
  7. Chapter 7 - Barbara Makes Her Presence Known 11 reviews, 1,781 words,
    Barbara steps in to give her son a hand.
  8. Chapter 8 - Trouble with Gifts 14 reviews, 1,906 words,

    Charlie spends his morning shopping for gifts. What could happen?

  9. Chapter 9 - Birthday ... Surprise? 10 reviews, 2,246 words,
    Well Charlie has to done his shopping and heads out to see his family. It is a birthday party to remember. Prepare to meet the Wagner clan.
  10. Chapter 10 - Making Sense 10 reviews, 3,158 words,
    In the aftermath of the party Charlie gets a visitor. The talks that follow begin to make Charlie realize that even in his life things are not so simple
  11. Chapter 11 - Crossroads 10 reviews, 2,447 words,

    Things go wrong for Rick Jr but Barbara is there to straighten things out. Then Charlie has work and he gets to meet the man running the literacy program. Well life does take some strange turns on occasion.

  12. Chapter 12 - Interference and Reading Signs 12 reviews, 2,135 words,
    Charlie and Scott are left to talk things out. It is all work right?
  13. Chapter 13 - Getting Through the Day 14 reviews, 2,752 words,
    So Charlie has plans for the evening but getting there is half the battle. Charlie is offered a chance to give up dealing with the Literacy Program and Scott. Will he take it?
  14. Chapter 14 - Scott's View 12 reviews, 4,248 words,

    Everything up to now has been seen by Charlie. But now it is Scott's turn to let a little light fall on his views of what is going on. He takes us through the day and right through his date with Charlie.

  15. Chapter 15 - The Fun Never Stops 11 reviews, 2,023 words,
    Charlie's night out doesn't go as some would have planned. As if that wasn't enough to make someone upset, the morning brings all sorts of new problems. What is a guy to do?
  16. Chapter 16 - Time for the Truth 15 reviews, 3,538 words,
    Charlie never seems to catch a break. Ted is sleeping drunk in his bedroom and his mother and nephew are there to talk. Before the morning is even over all sorts of truths will be revealed.
  17. Chapter 17 - What Will Be 13 reviews, 2,229 words,
    Charlie has to deal with all the truths left for him. Life can be a bit rough sometimes
  18. Chapter 18 - Lunch and Conversations 11 reviews, 3,347 words,
    So Charlie finally gets his date with Scott. However, he also has to deal with the problems still waiting for him at home. Just what will his date bring? What does Ted have to say about all of this? Rick Junior still needs to come home as well. Read on for more about Charlie and his life.
  19. Chapter 19 - Filling in the Blanks 11 reviews, 3,120 words,
    Charlie finally finds out all about Wade and Rick Jr. Then finishes his day out and has the meeting with Rick Senior and family for the truth of who Wade is as it is shared with the family.
  20. Chapter 20 - And Thanksgiving was Around the Corner 10 reviews, 3,883 words,

    Charlie has his second and third dates with Scott. Time keeps moving and things are looking up.

  21. Chapter 21 - And a Tme to Give Thanks 12 reviews, 5,911 words,

    So we pick up the day before Thanksgiving and go. Scott finally meets all the Wagners. Rick Sr is finally filled in on who is dating who. Time to enjoy a nice family get together. What could go wrong?

  22. Chapter 22 - Making Time 11 reviews, 2,625 words,
    So Scott had spent the night on the couch and Charlie is just finding out about all of this. Scott, having recently just gotten his cast off, is now hurt again after trying to play the gallant knight. What will this day together bring them?
  23. Chapter 23 - The Morning After 10 reviews, 2,814 words,
    Scott spent the night at Charlie's place. The following morning sees the two dealing with how that went. Charlie begins his morning but things don't go as expected.
  24. Chapter 24 - Heart Matters 10 reviews, 3,363 words,
    So Barbara has been rushed to the hospital and the family is quick to come to her side. They turn to Charlie as to how to handle things. There always seems to be some surprise around each corner for Charlie. How will handle this?
  25. Chapter 25 - Good News, Bad News, and Complications 13 reviews, 3,057 words,

    Barbara is in the hospital and surgery has to be done. The family gathers and everyone is counting on Charlie. Charlie is just going to have to deal with things as they come.

  26. Chapter 26 - Scott's Past 11 reviews, 3,096 words,

    Scott and Charlie are set to have dinner after Charlie stops in to check on Barbara. Scott has something he needs to tell Charlie, a painful part of his past. What will this mean for them and to Charlie in particular?

  27. Chapter 27 - Doubts and Reality 10 reviews, 3,442 words,

    Thing seemed to be going so well but now Charlie is having major doubts about why Scott had decided to date him. Will this lead to the end of the relationship before it has even begun? To add to his daily stress, Barbara is due home shortly from the rehab center and Charlie finds out the family hasn't done much to the house yet.

  28. Chapter 28 - Outings and Homecoming 8 reviews, 2,269 words,

    It is the last few days before Christmas and Barbara is due home. However, Charlie has been outed at work and there is a surpriseĀ  for Charlie in the making.

  29. Chapter 29 - The Christmas Party 9 reviews, 4,762 words,

    Charlie finishes his Christmas shopping and it is the Wagner Family Christmas Party. Just who is coming all?

  30. Chapter 30 - Christmas Day 10 reviews, 3,537 words,

    The Wagner clan spends Christmas Day together. It is a day of surprises, but will it all turn out well?

  31. Chapter 31 - And a Happy New Year 17 reviews, 3,523 words,

    Charlie and Scott finish the trip home and make some plans of their own.