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Inspired by Book 1 of Book 1 of the Prompt Series - - - - -


Every once in a while someone will say something that sparks the imagination. Since I have been here at GA that has happened to me a few times. I figured I would begin to gather them all in one place now and so will add to this as new stories are inspired by you.
Copyright © 2011 comicfan; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Enjoy the ideas as they come. Some are inspired and some are coming from the prompts for authors. I hope you enjoy and feel free comment.

Table of Contents

  1. The Goodbye 10 reviews, 761 words,
    This story is thanks to a comment passed in the chat room. Someone stated that a story had to include sex to be sexy. I don't think that is necessarily true. Sometimes if you involve the mind it can be all you need. I invite you to read "The Goodbye" and judge for yourself. After all you helped inspire it.
  2. Prompt 11 - Eulogy For Teddy Bear 3 reviews, 321 words,
    Seeing how everyone from Mark to Frosty have been doing these I was curious. So I enter my own attempt at one of these prompts.
  3. Prompt 34 - Scary Teacher 3 reviews, 579 words,
    Okay so I've lived a wild type of life and have some odd things to pull from. This prompt asks you to write about a scary encounter with a teacher. Here goes nothing.
  4. Prompt 37 - Lou's Compromise 4 reviews, 1,006 words,
    Okay so Lugh set another challenge. Have something that used the four words given which were mechanic, bathtub, speghetti, and stool in a story that ended in a compromise. Here is hoping I hit the mark. For your reading pleasure I present Christina and Lou.
  5. Prompt 43 - First line 3 reviews, 883 words,
    Okay this prompt asked you to use a first line. "Her laugh broke the silence" So based off that I bring you to Jacob's family.
  6. Prompt 48 - My bond with Lee 2 reviews, 636 words,
    Friendships are strange things. Some people come into your life and before you know it they have forged an unbreakable bond with you. Those friendships are the ones you remember and rely on, even after the person involved has passed away. Welcome to the bond of friendship I forged with Lee.
  7. Prompt 48 - The Customer 3 reviews, 477 words,
    The challenge was a describe a person but never once mention their name. I give you, "The Customer" for your reading pleasure.
  8. Prompt 19 - Marvin's Party 2 reviews, 490 words,
    The prompt required the use of five words - box, sky, earth, green, and shirt. The rest was up to me. So I took these words and created a little tale I call, Marvin's Party. Enjoy
  9. Prompt 35 - Bus Accident 2 reviews, 1,202 words,
    What could possibly be more scary for a parent then the loss of their child. You hear the news of an accident and you feel sorry for those involved. Your heart might go out to them, but what if as you listen you realize that this accident might very well involve your child. Then the newscaster announces that their are dead among them. Welcome to Arlene's worst nightmare.
  10. Prompt 20 - Finding the Class Pet 2 reviews, 115 words,
    The prompt asked you to write a drabble. A drabble is a short piece of writing exactly one hundred words. So you have very little time to develop a story. Here is hoping it makes sense to you as a reader.
  11. Rainy Day 1 reviews, 363 words,
    The rain is coming down in buckets and you can't see across the street. The house is quiet and you have just folded up the last of your towels.Now you know you can continue to do your chores or take some much needed time for yourself. The question is what do you do with your time?
  12. A Study of His Chest 1 reviews, 232 words,
    Well you look at anyone's chest and you are going to notice their nipples. It was pointed out that nipples are hard to describe but you were asked to do so in a list. I hate lists. I created a story. Tell me if you think I got the description right.
  13. The End of the Engagement 1 reviews, 1,015 words,
    This is one of the prompts where you were asked to imagine a situation where everything goes wrong and you take the blame for destroying. Well welcome to the engagement party.
  14. T's Dream Band 0 reviews, 1,438 words,
    This is taken from the prompt about creating a proposal taking place at an amusement park. Meet T and his band. They are about to undertake part in a new venture as the first band from Tariff Free Records. The only thing is their first song is also going to be promoting the Amusement park. How did such an arrangement come to be? Why is Bobby, the band's manager so upset? Welcome to T's Dream Band.
  15. Prompt 49 - Taxi Ride 0 reviews, 1,625 words,

    The prompt asks you to place two people who hate each other in a cab. Then let the fun begin. Welcome to the Taxi Ride.

  16. The Perfect Day 0 reviews, 1,699 words,

    Okay, well I have been put in charge of the prompts. I can't bloody well ask others to write them if I don't. So I created one where I asked that any writer use the first line - His final thought as he climbed into bed was 'I wish I could do it all over again.' That leaves it up to the author what kind of a day it was. Was it so good he wants to relieve it over again? or was the day so bad that he wishes he could correct it all by redoing it.

  17. The Key 1 reviews, 1,836 words,
    Lugh wrote this prompt asking you to use the first line as the intro to your story. Took me a while to figure it out but I like what it became.
  18. The Spirit of Veteran's Day 1 reviews, 1,174 words,
    Instead of having the ghosts of Christmas that hounded Scrooge the prompt asks you to pick another holiday. Now what is the issue the ghost of that day is there to deal with. For Arnie it is that yearly visit to his Grandpa Arthur's grave. Read on.
  19. The Kid 0 reviews, 2,302 words,

    Robert had a life he was enjoying. Granted he was single but how long would that be? Then came the phone call that changed it all. Join Robert as he finds out all about the kid.

  20. All about Murray 0 reviews, 1,526 words,

    This is another one of the prompts. It asked you to use the first line. I figured I wanted to show how versatile that first line could be. I wrote two different stories using them.

  21. Panzy's Escape 1 reviews, 837 words,

    This was Prompt 69. Tired of being the one in distress, your main character decides the hell with waiting for someone to come fix their problem and they are going to have to save themselves. They are going to do it for themselves and they don't need a Prince Charming or hero to do it for them. Who is your main character and what were the originally going to be saved from?.

  22. Chapter 22 - Harold and Louise 0 reviews, 1,574 words,

    A prompt for Halloween brings you this little story of Louise and Harold. Enjoy

  23. Chapter 23 - Sam's Bogey Man 1 reviews, 1,082 words,

    Sam comes into the living room telling his sister and her friends he thinks he just killed the Bogey Man. What on earth is he talking about? Is this something the little boy made up?