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The Pink * * * * * 2 Ratings


What happens when you don't enjoy the life you have? When you don't see the beauty in anything? Well for one servant it is the chance to change his life, for a King it is the opportunity for a wife and a child, for a Queen the chance to have it all, and for child to be blessed and cursed. Another twisted retelling of a Grimm's Fairy Tale.
Copyright © 2012 comicfan; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Renaldo and Cristobel's lives come crashing together when Renaldo is hired to work for the king. Renaldo has a growing desire for everything Cristobel has, from his crown to his wife and isn't satisfied with anything. Cristobel was born with a royal spoon in his mouth. He has never wanted for anything and most of his life is a bore. When Cristobel takes a wife named Cecelia everything changes, especially once she meets a Fairy Queen. Beware what you wish for, because life isn't as easy as it seems.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 4 reviews, 7,853 words,

    When King Cristobel and Queen Cecelia have a child all of Stamali is excited, well, almost all of Stamali. Renaldo wishes he could step into the king's place and live in the lap of luxury instead. When it is found out that Prince Cadeum  has been given the power to make whatever he wishes for reality, Renaldo decides his chance for the good life has arrived. Just what will this mean to all who enter Stamali?