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The Prompt You Say! Book 2 of The Prompt Series * * * * * 2 Ratings


Stories done from the prompts during 2012
Copyright © 2012 comicfan; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Well considering I create the prompts I guess it is only fair I try to write them as well. As I do I will be placing them not only on the prompt but here as well. Enjoy them as they come.

Table of Contents

  1. Prompt 94 - The Accident 2 reviews, 1,006 words,

    Marc has just finished dragging a car wreck onto the back of his flatbed when he discovers a kitten still in the car. Marc's night has just taken a small change, where an act of kindness can do more to help someone than you might know.

  2. Prompt 84 - The Call 6 reviews, 907 words,

    The original prompt - You are finally home, you're ready to curl up on the couch and just have a drink.It has been a really long day when your phone rings. You don't recognize the phone number but you answer it anyway.

    "Look, I know you weren't really ready to talk to me, but I have to tell you what has been going on. Just listen to me ..." the voice on the phone said.

  3. Prompt 104 - Meeting Alex 4 reviews, 694 words,

    Based off prompt 104 - Here is the situation:
    Life never has been easy on you. You thought nothing else could possibly upset you until you walked into the store and met your double. What sort of life do they lead?

  4. Prompt 112 - Alcohol's Victim 2 reviews, 100 words,

    Taken from prompt 112 - The Haiku is a Japanese poetry form. In English we usually use a 5, 7, 5 syllable line. The Haiku usually focuses on some aspect of nature and ends with a surprise. With that in mind try writing at least one of your own. Modern American Haiku's have taken the poetry form and converted it keeping the syllable line but now taking the idea and using it to tell long stories in a series of Haiku. Take this opportunity to write at least one of your own.

  5. Chapter 5 1 reviews, 1,261 words,

    Create a story that uses the following words -

    1. Bathtub

    2. Blueberry Pancakes

    3. Mailman

    4. Library

    5. puppy

    6. wedding ring

  6. Prompt 124 - Meeting the Myth 2 reviews, 942 words,

    You have been having a nice walk with your dog along the beach when your dog suddenly begins barking and tugging you toward pier. Deciding it is still a move back toward your car you allow the dog to lead you under the pier. As you do you see something you never wanted to see. What is the mystery under the pier?

  7. Prompt 123 - Oh Mom, It's Spring 1 reviews, 139 words,

    Mention poetry and see the look of fear on so many faces. Choose whichever kind of poetry you prefer to write in, but it must be about one of three topics. Choose from your favorite season, favorite holiday, or your favorite person. Length is up to you, but it must be long enough to give us a sense of why this is your favorite.

  8. Prompt 127 - Randy's tale 0 reviews, 1,578 words,

    Randy invites Eddie over so he isn't alone on the anniversary of his parents death. That night he finally faces a lot of truths after hiding from them for a long long time.

  9. Prompt 130 - The Call of the Sea 2 reviews, 1,425 words,

    Prompt 130-

    You have lived your whole life in the same town, however with each passing year you have felt a desire to move. Always you head in the same direction. Now you are legally an adult and the money you have saved manically for the past few years is going to get you to the place that has haunted your dreams and called to you like a siren’s call. Where is this call taking you?

  10. Prompt 137 - The Cake 1 reviews, 925 words,

    The prompt is use the following as a first line

    “But if you don’t do it, you know you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

  11. Prompt 133 - A Moment in Time 3 reviews, 194 words,

    First loves are messy, wonderful, disastrous, and unforgettable. They teach you, they wreck you, and they make you stronger. Choose any form you of writing you like- poetry, the short story, a journal entry, or even a news article and put down all the things you went through or a character you wrote went through in their first love.

  12. The Beach Search 1 reviews, 1,166 words,

    This came from another source where I didn't create the topic for a change. So enjoy the Beach Search. Details about what had to be used in this prompt come after the story.

  13. Prompt 143 - Vacation Interupted 2 reviews, 2,212 words,

    When your doctor has told you that you need to slow down and relax, it forces you to take a vacation. When that vacation is nearly aborted because of the sweet old lady you met on the way, that can only mean trouble. Who knew a sweet grandmotherly type could cause all that trouble?

  14. Prompt 142 - An Egg Problem 0 reviews, 2,624 words,

    Devan was always the smallest in his class growing up. He used to think that was the reason everyone picked on him, till he realized people feared him because he was the Dracian's son. Now there is a new problem and he might just be at the center of it.

  15. Prompt 140 - A Date With Perez 2 reviews, 749 words,

    I've been asked out on a date with Perez. Perez just isn't normally the type of guy i date. I mean, I don't really have a type, but he is a bit different than even every other guy I've dated. I just don't get him.

  16. Prompt 141 - TOUCHDOWN 4 reviews, 1,766 words,

    The meteor that came down has altered humanity as a whole. What will we do with the future?

  17. Prompt 149 - Monster Movies 1 reviews, 1,401 words,

    Barry just wants a quiet night out watching some of his favorite old films. Of course his night doesn't go smoothly.

  18. Prompt 159 - Honeymooning Accidentally 2 reviews, 842 words,

    Paul and Juan are off for a romantic honeymoon in the mountains. What could possibly go wrong?

  19. Prompt 136 - Humphrey the Family Caretaker 0 reviews, 1,413 words,

    What happens when your family is watched over by a robot? Is it a loving experience or something else? Meet the Humphrey model, he will take care of your family.

  20. Prompt 147 - The Family Prosporos 0 reviews, 1,829 words,

    What could it mean that your father has kept you away from his family nearly your entire life? When he is gone do you follow the advice he gave you or do as you have always wanted? What will happen now that you are attending the family event?

  21. Prompt 189 - The Danvers' House 1 reviews, 1,836 words,

    There was this beautiful old house that you simply fell in love with. Outside it looks as though it was created for one of the old Christmas cards with a big wrap around porch and the quaint New England look. Inside everything had been updated. Only there was one thing you didn't know when you moved in and it was a doozy.