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15. Fall semester

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Chapter 15                              Fall semester


Dean took to life on the big campus much easier than he expected.  His roommates were friendly, supportive and not boring.  While the “J” guys tended to play games and have a constant stream of fellow gamers come by, they were not disruptive and didn't keep it up late on school nights.  Dean took Ty's advice and found a quiet place in the library where his laptop got a good wi-fi signal to do his homework and assignments.  They usually went together.    Dean even got together with some others from a couple of his classes and they formed an informal study group.  He found that being prepared by reading the source material, paying attention in classes, taking notes, doing the assignments and discussing the material in the study group worked for him and he really did well.   He never did get around to buying that small TV for his bedroom. 

He went home every weekend while the weather was nice.  It was mom time and John time for Dean.  His little  Corolla  performed perfectly and he had the route memorized so that he knew every bend, curve and turn.   Mom had changed her day off from Thursday to Friday night.   She often had a late supper prepared for her boys on Friday.   On Saturday John and Dean often went swimming in the mornings at John's health club which had an indoor pool.   Dean had swimming classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and actually was enjoying it.  The class was co-ed and besides swimming laps they also played water volleyball and other games.  He was becoming less body conscious and more confident.  The shower afterwards were in separate stalls, but more importantly, the other guys in the men's locker room were not adolescents with teenage insecurities quick to point out anything different or out of the ordinary and make fun of it. 

Saturday afternoons were also spent with John.  They usually went back to John's place for some make-out time.  After they wore themselves out, they showered and usually went out to eat and sometimes to a movie and then head back to John's place to spend the night.     Dean started leaving some extra changes of clothes at John's.    Sundays, John and Dean would go to the Warner's house and make brunch for themselves and Debbie and spend some time with her and Sadie before Dean headed back to Bloomington.  Sunday evenings he would hit the books again.

At the mid-term, Dean was pulling straight A's.  He had a couple of projects to do and a couple of the other students in his informal study group were paired up with him and they worked on them regularly.  One project was for a business statistics course and the project had to do with calculating probabilities.   The whole scenario with complete data was on-line on the University server and their group project was to study how different variants in the data affected the probability outcomes.  They had learned how to calculate probabilities in class but Dean went out on the web to see if there were any programs for looking at large masses of data without having to re-input all the data every time a significant variable was changed. They were charged with graphing the probability outcomes over the changed variables and he was also looking for various graphical representations of such data so they could make their project look polished instead of just using a bar graph or pie chart.  Shortly after doing that research which gave them some promising ideas, Dean got a phone call from James Mason of the U.S. Marshal service and he wanted to know when it would be a good time for them to have a meeting that day or in the next day or so. 

The meeting took place the next morning just after Dean finished his swimming class.  The marshal asked Dean about his research on the web and Dean explained about his class project.  They went back to Dean's dorm room and the marshal checked out Dean's room and the rest of the pod to make sure no one was around and then asked him to log onto his computer.  Dean did so and then the marshal attached a 32 gig thumb drive and essentially backed up everything on Dean's computer to the drive. It took quite some time.  

Dean asked the marshal what was going on and the marshal replied:  “We have an open case of a murder of one of our people in the witness protection program.  Working with the FBI and other intelligence agencies we have been trying to piece together just what Bruno Weiss was doing on his computer when he was supposed to only have a dial-up connection.  From what we have gathered so far, he continued to work on encryption, but was interested in developing a floating cipher key based on some esoteric branches of probability theory as well as an alternate key based on even more esoteric branches of chaos theory.   We have evidence that he certainly hacked into your home cable router/modem and used your connection to the internet. He also could have easily hacked into any computer on that router.  

As a result, your activities on the internet have been monitored through your ISP's because we believe he may have put something on your machine that would remain hidden until you opened the right door or entered a targeted website.  When we saw your entry into areas looking into probability theory and how to graphically represent that, we thought such a trojan or hidden program may have been activated.   We know you copied your hard drive from your desktop computer at home to the laptop before you brought it here to school.  We now have a copy of both.  This thumb drive uses compression algorithms so it can hold almost a terabyte of uncompressed data.”

“It isn't over is it” Dean asked?

“We're afraid not.  All our best analysts have looked at what is known six ways from Sunday and most have concluded there is an unknown party out there that made it worthwhile for Weiss to continue his research into encryption and data security and that on the night he was killed, he was supposed to turn over the last part of his research, probably an encryption program to an intermediary in exchange for a deposit in an off-shore account.  We think at the last minute he realized that once he provided the program to the client, his services would no longer be needed and he would be a weak link in their security and would be killed anyhow.  That is why he refused to hand over anything and shot his weapon into your room.  We are still trying to figure it all out.  The chip and the cipher key we received have undergone extensive study and our experts still have not figured out how it is all supposed to work.  They theorize a key part of the puzzle is missing and that your computer may hold an answer.”

With that Marshall Mason opened up a large brief case he had been lugging along and pulled out a laptop identical to Dean's.  He hooked up the thumb drive to it and copied it to the new machine and it took more than an hour.  He then said:  “Here is your new computer.  Please try it out and make sure it is working exactly as your original laptop.” 

Dean got on it and saw everything was the same and looked at the marshal and asked how he did that. 

“Well this is not your usual copy program.  Instead of manually backing up your data byte by byte, sector by sector, it makes a digital image of the entire hard drive.  This new laptop had the hard drive reformatted before I left the office.  The computer booted from the thumb drive which then wrote the copied digital image to the hard drive while retaining an image of it on the thumb drive.  Our computer experts want to analyze your computer thoroughly and see if they can detect anything which could be malware or spyware.  I would caution you, to not discuss this ongoing case with anyone as that may draw attention to you.” The marshal packed Dean's original laptop in his case took his leave and left Dean with a card with his cellphone number on it and asked him to call if he ever noticed anything unusual going on while on the computer.

Dean went out and met up with his usual group and went to lunch.   It was the week before Thanksgiving week and he was feeling embarrassed and was withdrawn.  Ty noticed it the next day and asked Dean if he had broken up with his boyfriend.  Dean was shocked and asked:  “Why would you say that?” 

“You are acting all out of sorts and looked down, so I naturally assumed it was boyfriend problems” replied Ty.

“No it's nothing like that, but I had a visitor the other day that gave me some disturbing news.  I guess I am letting it effect me more than I thought.”

“Damn, I was hoping I had a chance with you” teased Ty.

“Well you certainly would have if I hadn't already fallen for John.”

“Anything I can help with concerning the 'disturbing news'  or can I help best by staying out of it” Ty asked as he saw the look change on Dean's face. 

“Well it was about something involving my family and I don't really want to go into it” Dean replied.   Dean made an effort the next few days to be more cheerful around his roommates.  He also was worried that 'big brother' had his internet connections monitored as he had routinely accessed free porn.  That weekend before Thanksgiving he went home and had his usual late dinner with mom and John and afterwards they went to Johns place.  When they got there, Dean about jumped John's bones and was all over him.  John loved Dean's new found aggressiveness and asked “what's got you all fired up?”

Dean told John the whole story about the visit from the marshal and about his concerns that he had accessed porn while being monitored.  He also told John he was concerned because he tended to agree that the issue with Weiss was not over and that now he kept waiting for the next surprise.  They took great comfort in each other and tenderly slowly brought each other off and then fell asleep.  The next morning they were spooned together laying on their sides with John in front of Dean.  John woke up with Deans big dick riding the crack of his ass leaking precum and bigger than ever.  He looked back over his shoulder and Dean still appeared to be asleep, so he started moving his ass back and forth coating his crevice with the natural lube seeping from Dean's huge tool.  He reached behind him and put the head directly on his pucker and pushed back.  It had been a long time since he had been fucked and never with one anywhere near this large.  He pushed back harder and the head popped in his ass and he groaned and Dean woke up.

“What the fuck?”

“Got it in one, ohhh my gawddd” John moaned.  It hurt so good. 

Dean had never fucked anyone after the one failed attempt in highschool, but his body knew the motion and never stopped.  He used a long slow deliberate motion, exercising the full length of his engorged cock.  He continued the slow in and out penetration and reached around John and pushed his hand away from his cock and palmed it.  John shuddered.  Dean started stroking both front and back in rhythm and licking John's ear while John started moaning continuously.  After several minutes, John's moans got higher pitched and he started grunting at the apex of Dean's thrust.   Just as Dean started to release his orgasm, John's dick also started spurting and Dean pumped out several large globs of cum onto his fist while his own dick was encased in the froth in John's ass.  Life was very sweet as the two  men enjoyed their post-orgasmic glow.  They laid next to each other, Dean tenderly holding John, and still deeply buried in his ass.  Even though he had lost his hardon, he still had about nine inches of cock buried in his lover's ass. 

John was breathless.  It had been the best sexual experience of his life.  Dean was similarly knackered and convinced that it could not get any better than what he had just experienced.  Finally, the mood lessened and Dean noted he needed to pee.  John agreed and Dean withdrew slowly and then held John's ass cheeks together as they went into the shower.  They got the water turned on and got in together and peed and then thoroughly washed each other off.  They dried off and headed back to bed.   Once there, Dean turned to John and said:  “All the porn I've read indicates that nobody could take a cock like mine without lots of lube and some anal stretching.  How did you do that?”

John smiled and blushed a little as he said “I've wanted your cock in my ass since I first saw it.  However, I knew it would be a challenge.   So I bought a set of progressively larger dildoes and have been practicing with them every night.  Last night, before I came to bed when I went into the bathroom, it was to lube myself up in case something happened.  It didn't happen then, but I was still lubed this morning and your precum was coating my ass as we laid spooned together this morning.  I started moving my ass with your dick riding my furry crack and then I reached back and put the head of your cock on my pucker and pushed back.  I thought at first it wasn't going to happen, but I pushed back further and the head popped in and I thought oh fuck!”

“That must have really hurt!”

“Not for long, you have a wicked slow rhythm to your fucking and it was marvelous!  About five inches of your cock was continuously stroking past my prostate and I was in Nirvana!  That was by far, the best sex of my life!”

“It was for me too, I felt so loved, complete, stimulated and ecstatic at the same time, that it was sensory overload and I just went with the flow.”

Then Dean added “we didn't use a condom.  I didn't even think about it until it was too late.  That was not very smart counselor.”

John looked at Dean and said:  “It was a calculated risk.  I know that you have not been sexually active with anyone but me, except for a failed attempt in highschool.  Your chances of having an STD to include HIV is infinitesimal.   I have been tested twice in the past year, the last time, was less than a month ago and the tests all came back clean. We should use condoms from now on unless we decide to commit to each other as that is the only responsible course of action.”

The guys decided to forego going to the pool and instead lazed in bed together the rest of the day.  They fondled and nuzzled,  licked and sucked, petted and stroked, but did not penetrate again.   John's pucker was reddened and slightly swollen and Dean used lotion  and cream to soothe it.   As young twenty somes are likely to do when so aroused, they did manage to cum four more times that day before falling asleep that night. They had only got out of bed to use the bathroom and pop a couple of  frozen pizzas in the oven which they had for supper.  They hadn't bothered with lunch. 

Sunday morning was a mutual sixty-nine and then they were off to Dean's house to make brunch for Debbie.  Sunday was typically spent and after playing with Sadie and saying hello to the guys next door, Dean found himself on the road back to school in the early evening but it was still quite dark already.   He knew the road well and took his time and was glad.  Twice he saw deer along the road and once a young buck ran right across the road in front of his car but he was in no danger as he was going slow.   It was deer season, and the deer had been laying low all day and in the early night were out foraging in numbers.  He arrived back at his dorm safely just as Ty was pulling up in his SUV.  They parked and went in together. 

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