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Daddydavek%s's Photo   Daddydavek, 14 Jun 2012



Chapter 20                                         NEW YEARS EVE

Monday, December 31, 2007

They slept late.  On purpose;  because they knew they would be out late at the club.   Dean woke up at half past ten and rushed to the toilet to drain all that beer.   He did not have a headache, but was not as mentally sharp or focused as he usually was as a morning person.   He put on a pair of sleep shorts and wandered over to the kitchen and found it stocked with fresh ground coffee, bagels, cream cheese as well as toast with butter and jam in the refrigerator along with milk, orange juice and cream for coffee.  He brewed a full pot and toasted a bagel and was just spreading it with cream cheese when Sean arrived in just his boxers.  The first words out of his mouth were:  “I smell coffee, I hope you made a pot full!”

Dean replied that he had and pointed him in the direction of the mugs and cream.   Sean eyed the bagel that Dean was eating and decided he needed one of those too.  He put one in the toaster and also helped himself to a large glass of orange juice which he drank in one go.  He then drank some of his coffee and gave Dean a smile.   When his bagel was toasted he deposited it on a plate and went for the cream cheese.   Just as he finished slathering it on, John walked in the room also in sleep shorts.   He sized the other two up and headed for the mug rack and grabbed one and then to the coffee pot.   He put in the cream and then started sipping his coffee.   The guys were quiet.   Dean had never seen Sean quiet and wondered how long it would last.   John was usually fairly quiet in the morning and since Dean had always lead a fairly solitary life he did not need a lot of conversation to fill the air.   John eventually made himself a bagel as Dean went to pour himself a second mug of coffee.  Sean held out his mug for a refill too and Dean topped it off and then looked at John who slid his mug across the counter to have his filled too.  

Dean decided to take his mug back to the master bedroom and into the bath and take a shower and brush his teeth and did so.   He was just finishing in the shower when John came in and got in the shower just after Dean stepped out.   Dean went to the face bowl and looked in the mirror and decided to brush his teeth next.   He finished and wondered about shaving just as John was getting out of the shower.  “Should I shave now and do a touch-up before we go out tonight or just wait?”

“I plan on shaving before we get dressed to go out.   I was planning on brushing my teeth and seducing you in that order as we were too boozed out to do much last night” was the reply from John.

“Sounds like a great plan.  Are you constantly thinking about ways to have your way with me or, are you just trying to impress me?”

“Both” was the reply with a smirk from John.  John brushed his teeth and made good on his stated intentions.  

By half past twelve they were dressed and ready to go look for some lunch.  They found Sean fully dressed and seated in one of the big comfortable club chairs in the main room, quietly snoring.   He awakened at once and was also ready to eat and John called security with their plans.   The  three headed down to the lobby and met  their security guy who said, “my partner left with the big SUV to pick up Bob and Mike.  If you are tired of hotel food, I know a little place around the corner that serves great ham and cheese sandwiches on homemade French bread.  They also do corned beef, roast beef and turkey sandwiches as well.  You can get potato salad, slaw, big dill pickles and an assortment of other sides as well.” 

The four made their way to the little delicatessen and each stood in line and ordered and then they went and waited for their food at a booth.  Dean had asked the security guy to join them and remembered his name was Adam.  Adam was polite but said, “I need to keep surveillance on all of you and be watchful as to anyone watching you, so I will sit by myself where I can keep an eye on things.” 

The three guys enjoyed their lunch and they all had iced tea to drink.   After they finished they wandered back to the hotel and knew that the other guys would not be there until almost three.   Dean and John decided to go swimming at the indoor pool and Sean looked askance and said, “me in a bathing suit?  I think not.  I will be fine. I might catch up on my beauty rest as I expect to be a dancing fool tonight.”  

John and Dean returned to their suite about four in the afternoon and found Mike, Bob and Sean laughing and talking in the main room about the accommodations as Sean had given them the grand tour.  The fireplace was lit and looked beautiful and Sean said they were gas logs and  that it was controlled by  a remote which was on a table next to one of the couches.  John and Dean went and showered to get the rest of the chlorine off and decided to shave too and then get dressed.   They came out about forty-five minutes later resplendent in their new outfits and Sean whistled when he saw them which drew looks from Bob and Mike.  Sean then excused himself to go get dressed and left hurriedly.  

Mike looked at Bob and said,  “our club clothes are going to look a little plain next to these peacocks.”

Dean quickly interjected, “wait until you see Sean in his leathers!”

Again Mike looked at Bob and exclaimed “we better get dressed too” and they excused themselves to go dress. 

John was perusing the room service menu available for the suite and noted that it provided for a buffet dinner which could be set up on the sideboard by the dining table in the main room of the suite.  It included hot sliced roast beef, chicken wings, both beef and pork stuffed ravioli, green beans, baby carrots, baked potatoes, salad, fresh hot bread, and warm apple pie for dessert.  It was supposed to feed up to eight. 

He asked Dean if he thought the guys would be up to eating in and then they could travel at their leisure to the club later.  Dean said call and see if it is too late to order.  John called and they said they could have it delivered and ready to serve by six-thirty which was perfect and the order was placed.  

Sean arrived in full regalia about fifteen minutes later and was a little upset that the hunky neighborhood cops weren't waiting to see him.   He didn't have to wait long as the two emerged dressed in identical tight white wife beaters which revealed they both had six pack abs.  They each had on black jeans with wide black leather belts.  The jeans were low slung and tight.  They also wore black leather boots.   They all looked at each other and realized they made a rather hot looking group of guys.  John told everyone to wait and dashed off to the bedroom and returned with his new camera and started taking pictures of everyone.  He called their security and asked them to come up so they could get a group picture.  Adam and his coworker Grant arrived and they were also dressed for the club.  Each wore a long sleeved dark gray shirt and dark pants.  They took pictures of the group but declined to have their picture taken.   John told everyone about ordering the buffet and he ordered the two security guys to stay and eat with them. 

The food arrived and was arranged on the sideboard and the guys each helped themselves to a big plate full of food.  The chair from the desk was brought to the round table and there was plenty of room for the seven guys.  The staff offered iced tea, soda and beer for the meal, but they all opted for the tea.  It was a lot of food, but seven guys can eat a lot of food and there wasn't much left over when they were finished.   In fact, Sean was complaining that he only had five or six wings.  They finished and John called to have hotel staff clean up and take away the remnants.  

The security guys told them they would pick them up at eight o'clock in front of the hotel and take them to the club.  They did not tell them that there would be four more guys from their company at the club besides themselves as the place had a small reputation of getting a bit rowdy on New Year's Eve.  The security guys advised them to bring only their ID's, cell phones if they had to and just one credit card.  They explained that in the bump and grind of a mass of bodies dancing and with the crowd expected,  that wallets and valuables could easily be lost or stolen.  The guys thought the security guys were being a little paranoid but realized that outside of their ID and a credit card they really did not have to put their wallets or other valuables at risk.  John volunteered to put the drinks and whatever else they ordered on his Visa card and the rest of them could reimburse him later as it wouldn't be a problem for him.  The guys knew he had already placed the reservation on his card and had asked how much they owed and John had said by this Wednesday or Thursday all the charges will have hit and I can get online and get a printout so we can decide then how much everyone owes.   

The group of guys arrived at the club a little before eight-thirty.  ID's were casually checked except for Dean's which was scrutinized carefully as he was barely twenty-one. John's reservation got them a nice table and they ordered a couple of pitchers of beer. The band was local and played covers of most of the music of the seventies through the current top forty stuff.  It was supplemented by a DJ who had a vast recorded library of MP3's he could queue up on his computer and play through the in-house sound system.  People of all stripes were present from scantily dressed guys in leather chaps  and  dog collars to people who looked like they would be at home at a country club.  It was a very predominantly gay and lesbian crowd with only a handful of obviously straight people out with their gay friends. The mood was upbeat and everyone was in a party mood.  The dance floor was not yet busy as people were still arriving.  The Trask party was drawing a lot of friendly stares as they made an attractive group, even the obviously older Sean in his fairly conservative,  but campy full leather outfit.  Dean felt like a twink on display and was a little embarrassed by all the stares.  John told him to stare back, just don't give anyone any encouragement.   The usually straight acting cops were hanging all over each other and enjoying the freedom to be out and partying.  John had his arm possessively around the shoulder of Dean as they tried to talk over the ever increasing volume of the crowd and music. 

A little before nine the band announced they were going to be playing YMCA and wanted everybody up and dancing and the group along with the rest of the people in the club moved en masse to the dance floor which was immediately overwhelmed with people spreading into the aisles to the tables as well.  The anthem started and the whole club shook with the beat and the sound of hundreds of people singing along to the familiar lyrics all doing their imitation of the trademark dance routine.   It was a lot of fun and then the band segued into Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone.  That ended and immediately  KC and the Sunshine Boys song Shake your Booty was played.  The band kept going from one dance song to another for a good forty-five minutes and finally took a break. 

The group of guys had danced as group for the full time and they made their way back to their table sweaty and tired and ready for some liquid refreshment.  They ordered two more pitchers of beer which arrived relatively quickly.  The DJ had taken over and was playing some romantic slow songs, including  My Guy by the Supremes and the Twelfth of Never by Johnny Mathis and many in the gay crowd were singing along while others had drifted back out to the dance floor for the slow dances.  They had all brought handkerchiefs and used them to mop their brows.   Sean said he should have brought a towel and they all laughed. 

After a while the band came back and started playing What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flats and the two cops were up and heading for the dance floor.  John looked at Dean who looked at Sean and Sean said, “get out there and enjoy yourselves.”  So they went.  They were out dancing for only a few minutes when Sean and this good looking older guy dressed in a western shirt and jeans came dancing by.   Green Day's Time of Your Life was played next followed by Lifehouse's You and Me.  That ended the slow set and the band started a set of rave music which included Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl, Sir Mixalot's Baby Got Back, Marky Mark's Good Vibration, The Troggs Wild Thing, and You really Got Me by the Kinks.  After that set the guys all went back to their table for more liquid refreshment.  Dean was amazed that he was having such a good time making a complete fool out of himself as he really did not consider himself to be a dancer.  Some of the people on the floor looked like professional dancers and seemed to know every dance step and just how each song should be danced to.  Others were really much worse than Dean and didn't care and were just enjoying themselves.

Sean brought his dance partner Roy over and introduced him to the group.  Roy was about fifty-five and a big brawny guy like Sean albeit not campy.  He came to the party reluctantly but his son and his son's boyfriend had insisted but he felt like a fifth wheel until he spotted Sean.  The guys asked him to join them at their table and John said we will even make sure you get home if you want to go tell your son and his date.  Sean dragged Roy off and was whispering in his ear the whole way.   Dean looked at John and said, “I bet Sean gets lucky!”

The crowd and volume in the place continued to build and about half past eleven it was so packed you could barely move in the place and people literally had to jostle each other to make their way through the crowd.   Dean and John decided it was time for restroom break and they headed there together.   Dean thought he saw one of their security people for a minute on their way but it was all they could do to hang on to each other as they made their way to the john.  It too was packed and there were lines for all the urinals.  Of course, the line Dean was in moved the slowest of all and John was done and indicating he would wait outside while Dean still had a guy ahead of him at the urinal.  Finally the guy was done and Dean stepped up and backed up a bit to pull out the head of his dick to piss and the guy to his right said “Wow!” 

Everybody looked and John blushed from his head to toes as he unloaded about a quart of warmed over beer into the porcelain.  He shook off and started to push his dick back into his pants when he felt a hand reach over and stroke his dick.  He jumped a little and bumped into the guy waiting behind him and hurriedly fumbled with closing his fly and fleeing the restroom.   He found John and told him what happened and John reassured him that it was  not to be unexpected on a night like tonight.  Dean meanwhile was sensitized to the slightest inappropriate touch and as they worked their way back to the table he kept thinking that all the little innocent bumps and touches as they threaded their way through the crowd were  less than innocent. 

A few minutes after they got back to their table,  Adam from their security team came by and said into the space between John and Dean so only they could hear:  “The guy who groped you in the john has been ejected by management.”  With that he turned and walked away.  

Dean looked as John and said:  “They don't mess around do they?” 

John replied “that's why they get paid the big bucks.” 

Shortly thereafter the waiter came around and asked if they wanted to order champagne to toast the New Year and three small bottles were ordered and brought with glasses.  They poured and it was just another couple of minutes and the countdown was started.  They all stood and and when it got to zero shouted Happy New Year and started exchanging kisses all around the table as they toasted each other and themselves.  Auld Lang Syne was played and sung by everyone as hugs and kisses were passed back and forth.  The rest of the champagne was poured and the crowd settled down as a slow dance set was started and many in crowd made their way back to the dance floor including Sean and Roy and the two cops. 

John looked at Dean and Dean asked to just sit and watch for a while which they did.  After only three slow dances, the band broke into another set of rave songs and the crowd really got it going again.   John grabbed Dean's hand and practically dragged him back to the dance floor and soon they were shaking their booty like everyone else and working up another sweat.   John's shirt was pure silk and it got shiny and darker red as he sweated.  Dean thought he looked good enough to eat and truthfully, John could hardly take his eyes off of Dean as well.  After a good twenty more minutes of being physical they made their way back to their table and found the champagne glasses and bottles had been cleared and two more pitchers of beer and fresh mugs awaited them along with Sean and Roy who both had smug looking faces.  Mike and  Bob arrived back from a trip to the restroom and poured themselves some beer too.  It seemed everyone was having the time of their life.  They partied on until almost two and then they decided to go get something to eat but couldn't think of any place that was open except Steak 'N Shake and so that's where they decided to go.   John sent a text message to their security.  Roy had already told his son he would be spending the night with Sean.  The now six of them went and got their coats and went out and piled into the big SUV. 

The place was busy when they got there and they had to stand in line for a bit before their orders were taken.   Sean pulled out a hundred dollar bill and paid the tab for all as they had not planned for this and only brought their ID's and John's credit card.  They commandeered a table for six and enjoyed their burgers and cokes.  By three they were back at the suite and Roy was impressed.  They put the fireplace on and sat for while to wind down and before long they had all bade each other good night and headed to the bedrooms.  John put the fireplace on in the master bedroom and asked Dean if he wanted to shower or get into the Jacuzzi.

“The shower!  If we get into the Jacuzzi, you would have to carry me to the bed as I'm sure I'd fall asleep.”  

They got into the shower together and it soon got steamy.   They dried off and took it to the bed where it became tender and loving.  They brought each other off in a mutual suck and when they were finished and spooned up together, Dean told John:  “Thanks for the best night out in my life!  I really enjoyed myself.” 

John agreed with Dean that the evening had been perfect and they soon fell asleep. 

The next morning, Libby Trask was reading a disturbing report from her security people who had been keeping track of her son and his friends.   The night before had been busy.  Not only had Dean been groped in the restroom, but the security people had twice spotted different people dropping roofies into the pitchers, glasses or mugs at the boy's table and others as well.  They had them cleared and new ones brought while the guys were on the dance floor.   They had sent the contents to an outside lab they used which confirmed the presence of the drugs.  The report also mentioned at least two other suspicious people who had been taken outside after 'accidently on purpose' bumping into Dean and neither had valid ID's.   These guys were turned over to the police who called in the Marshal Service and the FBI. 

Meanwhile the guys were sleeping in.  They did not have to check-out until three in the afternoon.  At eleven-thirty Dean got up and used the bathroom and went and got the room service menu and found they could order a brunch buffet and brought it back to John to see what he thought.  John thought it was perfect and called down and ordered the brunch which was supposed to feed up to eight people for twelve-thirty.  He sent a text message to Bob and to Sean as well as Adam, the security guy, with their plans.   Then he and Dean crawled back under the covers and made out. 

The brunch was buffet style as well and included bacon, scramble eggs, toast, hash brown potatoes, pancakes, sausage as well as sliced roast beef and ham, cheese and fruit salad.   Juice, milk, soda and coffee were also brought.   The security guys arrived and another chair was found and they all settle down to eat after loading their plates.  

By half past two o'clock they were loaded into the big SUV with their bags and they took Roy home first as he lived a short ways out of the town.  Sean got out with him and walked him to the door and gave him a big kiss right in front of the whole neighborhood.   He got back into the vehicle with a big smile on his face and turned to John and Dean.  “Thanks for having me along, I think I may have met the one.  We plan to take it slow and see how things develop.   We have our next date for Friday night.”

The guys all congratulated Sean and talked about their evening as they drove back home.  They were all dropped on North Ash Street as John was staying to have supper at the Warner's and would either spend the night there or Dean would drive him home. 

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