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Book Bonds * * * * * 7 Ratings


Jace has talent for writing. Also a little 'secret' that only his two friends know. He becomes drawn to a boy from school, who intrigues him, and finds out they share the same passion, along with another thing in common. But his mind is troubled: the boy's a freshman and he is a senior.
Copyright © 2011 dariyo; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Alchemy of Feelings 3 reviews, 1,926 words,
  2. I don't believe in gays (do they exist?) 1 reviews, 2,545 words,
  3. His name rhymes with Beary (as in teddy bears) 2 reviews, 2,651 words,
  4. A Sleepy Wiseman 2 reviews, 2,559 words,
  5. Touché With an Essay 1 reviews, 4,425 words,
  6. Fairy Propaganda 1 reviews, 2,636 words,
  7. Tell Me the Date 2 reviews, 4,617 words,
  8. Brick-Book Crunches 1 reviews, 9,915 words,
  9. Rain Figure 2 reviews, 2,412 words,
  10. Morphing Satisfaction 1 reviews, 3,196 words,
  11. Tease, Please 2 reviews, 1,877 words,
  12. Dumped For... 3 reviews, 2,094 words,