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6. Chapter 6: No One’s Listening Reviews

Tiggs%s's Photo

Jan 21 2014 08:57 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

I was very confused by this one - was he and the elemental making love while someone watched or what?
The use of the Yiddish vernacular bought me to a sudden stop. Whereas the rest (of the prose) could simply translate from this reality to ours the specific implication of Yiddish implies a religious structure transference between the two for which there has been no other evidence so far.

View Post Reply from Dark (author)

Yiddish? I'm not sure what you mean. There are so many borrowed terms in the English language ... I use common vernacular and nothing specific is meant by it. Only Bryce and Aure are in the room, though.
Marzipan%s's Photo

Oct 10 2011 10:27 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Ah sigh. Poor Alan. He is in this over his head. Where does he next turn to to get more answers. How can he help and protect someone who he doesn't really know and doesn't know the jam they are in? Wonder what happens when Kynan sees him the next time, after all... Alan is now 18 :P and not really a kid anymore...
Andrew_Q_Gordon %s's Photo

Mar 30 2011 08:26 AM

(Chapter 6 Review)

Alan is a nice kid - a part of me feels bad, but honestly, he was more than a bit disrespectful to his dad - "F-you?" I mean he knew he shouldn't have been out that night so he had to know his dad was gonna be mad. BUT being 18 what can you do right?

He and Kynan - the dog - would be an interesting couple. Any picture/drawing of what he looks like?

View Post Reply from Dark (author)

There's definitely some history there behind Alan's interaction with his Dad. Then again, at 18, didn't you think you were invincible and omniscient? LOL
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