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Master of Fire * * * * * 2 Ratings


Two boys with nothing in common join forces to search for a missing classmate. They discover a world governed by both magic and logic. There, they find the one thing they do have in common is the only thing that is important.
This story begins on Earth (or an Earth analogue), a few months after “The Book of Heroes: George of Sedona,” . It is not essential, but perhaps useful, to have read at least the first chapter of that story before reading this one.
Copyright © 2011 David McLeod; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Earth Analogue, 21st Century C.E. 1 reviews, 1,509 words,
  2. Innocents Abroad 1 reviews, 2,625 words,
  3. The Magic of Healing 1 reviews, 1,306 words,
  4. War and Rumors of War 1 reviews, 3,235 words,
  5. Imagine, Magic 2 reviews, 3,821 words,
  6. The College of Magic 1 reviews, 4,655 words,
  7. Name Day 1 reviews, 1,664 words,
  8. Student Mages 1 reviews, 5,265 words,
  9. Conflict... 1 reviews, 1,322 words,
  10. ...Resolved 1 reviews, 3,271 words,