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12. Murder Reviews

Timothy M.%s's Photo

Nov 03 2016 03:36 PM

(Chapter 12 Review)

I'm also somewhat sad at Patrick and Alan being separated, as well as James and Kenneth, but if they are meant to become heart bound they will meet again.
I'm confused about Arthur being called David here. :huh:

Cannd%s's Photo

Nov 16 2014 11:38 AM

(Chapter 12 Review)

great story. I enjoyed it as much as I had the first one. The sad part was them all being parted. especially, those who came to the companions in pairs, like james and Kenneth or daryn and Greyeyes, etc.
I would have liked to see a bit more of Ivan in the story, showing this child who was forced to grow up in a magical in between, without real interaction with others. I would have liked to see him interact with the companions as they traveled. I don't even remember him having a real reaction to who he came to be. it might have been interesting for the others to ask if Marcus had prepared him for this or said anything that in hindsight, might have showed he knew his fate or who he was?
I feel like he was silent and in the background, even though it was a story about how he found his place and who he was. I am hoping we get to see more of him in another book.
the other thing I was glad you did was have Patrick speak of his parting from Alan. I still find it sad that they seemed to have something when they left together. did you initially intend for them to be more connected than they ended up? They ended up friends. Was it a case of getting to know one another and knowing they weren't the one for each other. I forget what term Patrick used about that.
overall, this world you created is great. I will be off to the next story now :) It's always nice to catch on to finished work so you can move on and keep reading.

View Post Reply from David McLeod (author)

Good time of day,

Again, thank you for taking the time to offer some serious and insightful thoughts. There's a lot of territory for me to cover in my reply.

Easiest first: I have found that the characters often seem to take off, and define not only the story but their relationships. Yes, I expected Alan and Patrick to become much more than just friends, but apparently, that was not what they wanted. Patrick is a bit like Ivan, reared in a somewhat magical and isolated environment (although not so much as Alan). I'm pretty sure Alan was his first real "crush," and perhaps that's all it was.

Your point about Ivan, himself, was well taken. He does have a bit of a larger role in "Durch Ferne Welten..." but he's still very much a child, who is still learning. (While his physical body and "technical" age may have been advanced by the Mage, his isolation--as I think you sussed--kept him from really "growing up") I will keep your thoughts in mind for the sequel of "Durch Ferne..." which will someday be developed. (Right now, I'm trying desperately to find the story arc in the sequel to "Global Explorer'")

There is a plan for everyone to get together, someday. ("If not in this lifetime, in another.")

Again, thank you for your thoughts.
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