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GA Writing Prompts
Copyright © Dolores Esteban

Story Note

GA Writing Prompts


Table of Contents

  1. #47 The Frog Prince (Heinrich) 2 reviews, 560 words,
    # 47
    Pick any fairy/nursery/tall tale, take a secondary character's POV, and rewrite the story.
    Also, if the POV you chose is a good guy, make them the bad guy. And vice versa.
  2. # 26 Moon Night (A Poem) 1 reviews, 94 words,
    # 26
    Write a paragraph in which each word begins with the last letter of the preceding word.
  3. # 43 Her Laugh Broke the Silence 1 reviews, 599 words,
    # 43
    Write a story with the first line: Her laugh broke the silence.
  4. # 23 Mariah 2 reviews, 578 words,
    # 23
    Write a short story that includes each of the following:
    A black hat; a torn blanket; an angry librarian; a green sports car; a lonely girl; a happy young man; a silver watch; a crisp slice of toast
  5. # 20 The Loss of Innocence 0 reviews, 113 words,
    # 20 Write a drabble.
  6. # 10 Eschaton (Prologue) 1 reviews, 496 words,
    # 10
    First line: Under a canopy of fluorescing stars that were all too quick to fade
  7. # 2 Eschaton (Elanil) 0 reviews, 484 words,
    # 2
    She (think of a name) hugged the tree as she looked down at the ground far below. How did she get in the tree? Why is she there? What happens next?
  8. # 28 Eschaton (Enigma) 0 reviews, 315 words,

    # 28
    Write a scene involving at least one character, but without referring to that character by name.

  9. # 14 Eschaton (Inflamed) 0 reviews, 260 words,
  10. # 16 Eschaton (The Chance of a Lifetime) 0 reviews, 430 words,
    # 16
    Write a scene where four or more people are holding a conversation.
  11. # 19 Eschaton (Tanyl) 0 reviews, 142 words,

    # 19
    Write something which contains these five words: Shirt, box, sky, green, earth.

  12. # 0 Eschaton (Last Star of Morning) 0 reviews, 896 words,
    Write a story with (only) similes and metaphors.
  13. # 11 Eschaton (The Time Has Come) 0 reviews, 579 words,
    # 11
    Write a Eulogy about an object or idea/belief (Santa Clause is real), not a person, that you've 'lost' over the years. 'Lost' doesn't mean that you could have physically lost the object, but something you no longer have, that affected your life.
  14. # 59 Two Princes 0 reviews, 1,627 words,
    # 59
    Pick your favorite fairy tale and change the sex of the main character.
    Brothers Grimm: The Frog Prince
  15. # 57 The Key 2 reviews, 394 words,
    Start with this line: He tried to remember who had given him the key.
  16. # 61 Winter Solstice 2 reviews, 1,338 words,
    # 61
    Put your spin on the idea of a Spirit of the holiday and why they might visit your character.
    This is a part of the fantasy story I'm currently writing. I modified it a bit, however, to make it fit the prompt.
  17. # 66 The Quest 0 reviews, 1,238 words,

    # 66

    Tell us a story, any story you like, but do it like Dr. Seuss and all in rhyme.

  18. # 89 I Have the Blues 1 reviews, 578 words,

    # 89

    The winter time arrived as it always did, so for the next two years the world would be covered in feet of snow while we lived below ground.

  19. # 87 Jonathan T. Baxter 1 reviews, 799 words,

    # 87

    It finally arrived, the day I had been dreading. I don't think anyone can really prepare for it but now it is here. Time to face the facts and just get deal with it all.

  20. # 71 Laurelia 1 reviews, 963 words,

    Addressing the theme, although not exactly fitting the prompt.

    # 71

    Welcome to Utopia. Here everything on the surface seems wonderful and life is perfect. At least it was until you discovered the truth about how this world is kept running. What is the awful truth? What will revealing it to the rest of Utopia mean?

  21. # 85 'Treasure Dome' 0 reviews, 2,737 words,

    # 85

    Welcome to "Everything Old". It is a special kind of shop and everyone seems to remember it being here in town forever. It has a new owner, you. Good luck.

  22. # 92 The Red Shoes 0 reviews, 710 words,

    # 92

    In a story use the following words: card, red shoes, young girl, freezing rain, and puppy.

    A twist on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale ‘The Red Shoes’ (http://www.andersen.sdu.dk/vaerk/hersholt/TheRedShoes_e.html) with a different ending.

  23. # 103 Lucifer 1 reviews, 341 words,

    # 103

    We have the embodiments of ideas around us. We see Death as The Grim Reaper, Justice as a blind woman, the world of dreams is watched over by the Sandman. Take one of these or create one of your own and write a short from their point of view.

  24. # 108 Valerie Woodward 0 reviews, 835 words,

    # 108

    Use the following words in a short story: obituary, ice cream, red dress, fish, and apartment.

  25. # 110 Ogol 0 reviews, 2,009 words,

    # 110
    Cue – Creating Evil
    No one is just evil. They work from their own point of view. Your job is to create an "evil character" but you have to explain why they are that way. What happened to turn them into the person they are and why do they find that "evil" lifestyle so appealing?

    Excerpt from my story Aglanthol 3. Ogol is the villain. Thought it was fitting the prompt.


  26. # 94 Red Rose 1 reviews, 612 words,

    # 94

    List of words to be used in a short story: A blue shirt, a red rose, an older woman, a kitten, a flat tire, a card.

  27. # 118 The Elven Lord 1 reviews, 266 words,

    # 118

    Cue – Myths and Legends
    No matter what part of the world you are from there are myths and legends associated with it. Your task is to take one of these creatures from your part of the world and create something new.

    A poem based on Erlkönig by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (English translation: Erlking by Okla Elliott) [http://www.percontra.net/17elliot.htm] and with a twist ending.

  28. # 123 Spring 0 reviews, 50 words,

    # 123

    Poetry. Choose from your favorite season, favorite holiday, or your favorite person. Length is up to you, but it must be long enough to give us a sense of why this is your favorite.

  29. # 124 A Creepy Adventure 0 reviews, 3,627 words,

    # 124

    You have been having a nice walk with your dog along the beach when your dog suddenly begins barking and tugging you toward pier. Deciding it is still a move back toward your car you allow the dog to lead you under the pier. As you do you see something you never wanted to see. What is the mystery under the pier?

  30. # 117 The Smell of the Snow 1 reviews, 382 words,

    # 117

    First Line: "What is that smell?"

  31. # 128 In the Dark 1 reviews, 1,268 words,

    # 128
    Use the following words in a story: fog, bus, newspaper, coffee roll, and toilet paper.

  32. # 122 Cold Case 2 reviews, 1,088 words,

    # 122

    Use the following words in story: Red hand print, shattered vase, new car, fifteen year old boy, and a spider.

  33. # 141 - Captain's Log 1 reviews, 869 words,

    Life is created by the elements around us from the elements found on the periodic table. That is challenged when a meteorite strikes the earth near the farm lands. Life is changing due this fragment. What will these new elements mean to mankind?

  34. # 145 A Real Man 0 reviews, 413 words,

    Use the following words in a story: recipe book, clothing store, vintage car, pink box, and a tiger.

  35. # 77 Egg of the Dragon 1 reviews, 3,029 words,

    The news has announced that the age old legend about dragons is no legend. The skeleton of a massive dragon has been found in the hills not far from your home. The thing is you knew it was no legend. In fact you are guarding the last egg of this race. What do you do now?

  36. # 165 Thought to be extinct, until… 2 reviews, 898 words,

    You’ve seen the movies where scientists screw up and try to bring back something that was extinct and cause all sorts of trouble. Well evidently they didn’t and decided they would try with something that couldn’t possibly be problematic. What did the scientists bring back into existence?

  37. # 62 November Storm (Can You Write 50,000 Words in a Month?) 0 reviews, 422 words,

    A terrible storm has just blown through the life of your main character. What sort of storm was it? What did it alter? Remember don't always take things literally.

  38. Various Prompts: The Magic of Fire 1 reviews, 5,812 words,
  39. Various Prompts 2: Invitation to Hell 0 reviews, 6,000 words,
  40. # 172 An Old Elvish Cave 0 reviews, 1,127 words,

    # 172

    Use the following words in a story – pillow, evergreen tree, rabbit, storm cloud, and fishing rod.

    LOTR Fanfiction. First published in 2003 under my previous pen name. Adapted to the GA prompt in 2013.


  41. # 224 Stabbed 4 reviews, 1,136 words,

    Create your own mystery story. The only thing that must be included is the clue, which is a blood red ruby.

  42. # 9 Oleander 0 reviews, 145 words,

    Write a scene (of whatever length you feel appropriate) that conveys a range of emotions, but without explicitly mentioning the emotions.

  43. # 260 Rose Garden 0 reviews, 2,058 words,

    Use the following words in a story – plane ticket, watch, broken shoe, flash light, nude statue

  44. # 285 The Gate 2 reviews, 5,463 words,

    Tag – Wonderland. You ran into a guy who was dressed all in a white, with a rabbit design on his tee shirt that read, "Never late so always on time." You watch him vanish into a store called The Looking Glass. Curious you go to follow him and slip as you cross the threshold. When you go to stand up you find yourself in a totally different environment.

  45. Winter Solstice 5 reviews, 949 words,

    The beauty and the truth of the light is remembered and honored on winter solstice. Grandma tells a story. 





  46. # 300 The Ring 2 reviews, 538 words,

    Tag – The Ring. You were shopping in mall and came across a little jewelry store. As you were walking down the counter the merchant spotted you and motioned you over to show you something. When you got near he immediately pointed out a ring, saying it would be "perfect for you." The thing is when you seen it for some reason you really wanted it. What made the ring so "perfect?"

  47. # 307 Captain Re 0 reviews, 590 words,

    First Line: "Are you sure there is nothing that can be done?"

  48. # 310 The Night of the Reptile 1 reviews, 591 words,

    Use the following words in a story: tent, a running river, a wolf, a lighter, and a bowl of cereal.


  49. Poetry Prompt # 1 Tanka 5 reviews, 30 words,
  50. Poetry Prompt # 2 Haiku 3 reviews, 33 words,
  51. Poetry Prompt # 3 Lyrics 3 reviews, 59 words,
  52. Poetry Prompt # 4 - Meter 1 2 reviews, 37 words,
  53. Poetry Prompt 5 – Rhymes and Couplets 3 reviews, 98 words,
  54. Poetry Prompt # 6 – Elegy 3 reviews, 171 words,
  55. Poetry Prompt # 7 - Blank Verse 2 reviews, 110 words,
  56. # 405 Jump 2 reviews, 523 words,

    First Line: "You honestly think I would wear something like that?"

  57. Poetry Prompt # 8 - Quatrains 1 reviews, 79 words,
  58. Save A Prayer (Found Poetry) 0 reviews, 455 words,
  59. Poetry Prompt # 9 - Sonnet 1 reviews, 143 words,
  60. Poetry Prompt # 10 – Italian Sonnet 1 reviews, 131 words,