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38. Chapter 38 Reviews

ton1%s's Photo

Aug 22 2012 01:46 AM

(Chapter 38 Review)

Just One Word Fantasic!!!!!

View Post Reply from edu29d (author)

Thanks for the overwhelming endorsement
Lisa%s's Photo

Aug 18 2012 12:29 PM

(Chapter 38 Review)

Omg, both Jerry's father (well, we all knew he was an asshole) and Cal's father are BOTH assholes. Geezus, I wanted to smack them both upside their heads.

I'm looking forward to Callum and Alex meeting. You can never have enough friends, especially friends who completely understand you, that's for sure. =)

View Post Reply from edu29d (author)

There are a few more hurdles to come for Jerry and Callum and who knows how these will effect their relationship
Houdinii%s's Photo

Aug 18 2012 11:02 AM

(Chapter 38 Review)

WTH? Seriously? Everyone is doing cliffhangers today, hehe. Loved the chapter though, and like the new budding relationship on the horizon. Can't wait for 39...

View Post Reply from edu29d (author)

Sorry about the cliffhanger Houdinii but thanks for your support
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