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4. Chapter 3: Two Weeks in Utter Heaven

Fantasy2309%s's Photo   Fantasy2309, 07 Oct 2011


The journey to their house was spent listening to music, as I remained stuck between the devil and...Well the devil's equally evil sister. Namely Britt and Nat. I tried to remain happy about seeing my parents, but as we passed by rivers, farms, forests and houses... my happiness diminished, at the thought of staying there for two entire weeks. Jasper had fallen asleep in the back seat. He had light brown hair, a perfect tan, and amazing, chocolate brown eyes. They were heavenly. He was pretty short. And the youngest in my family. 

Towards the end of the ride, I took my earphones and started talking to my parents, trying to include Britt's parents too, feeling bad for them, as both of their daughters were busy texting. The topics of discussion went from school to studies to plans for summer to pretty much everything. 


"Here we are!” Uncle Sam said, finally. 


The house was HUGE! There was a large, green lawn, lined with beautiful flowers, and an average sized swimming pool in the far corner. The house was spotlessly white. There were about three floors, as far as I could see, with a balcony-garden on the first floor.  We got out of the car, and entered through the large, baloney door. The inside was bigger than the place looked from outside!! As soon as you enter, there was a huge living room, a dining hall, and a bedroom in one corner. And the kitchen. I climbed up the stairs to explore more. On the first floor there were three bedrooms and the corridor was lined with beautiful flowers. The walls were covered with paintings. I looked outside the window at the furthest back of the house to see a forest not far from the house. I climbed up to the second floor, which was just the attic. So I went back to the second floor, and entered one of the rooms. As soon as I opened the door, I was met with a whole lot of pink. The entire room was covered in pink, white and lavender.


“What are you doing in my room?!”, cam a sharp voice from behind me. Nat.

“Umm… Sorry Nat… I mean Natalie. I will go down.”, I stammered.


“You will do NO such thing. You see, I have been waiting for you…my hands have become so stiff, and I haven’t seen you in sooo long…. I missed you.”, she said, an evil grin creeping onto her face. And then I received a sudden harsh blow on my face. And then everything swirled into blackness. Wow, for a girl, she could punch you like hell.



I woke up, feeling very sore. My entire body was covered in bruises and my knees were scraped. My head was bleeding. “MOM! Come!! HURRY!! Jess seems to have hurt himself!” I heard Nat’s voice, seemingly full of worry. I felt like crying. And crawling my worthless self into a dark hole and die there. My first day here was yet to complete, and she had already beaten me up. Beaten like I was nothing. Like I felt nothing. Like I meant nothing. Just a body, to take all the anger, frustration out on.


“Oh my god! Jess! What happened to you?!”, I heard my mom’s sweet voice, full of worry.


“I reckon he fell”, Britt said, giving Nat a ‘well-done’ smirk. And then. Everything started fading away into nothingness again.



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← 3. Chapter 2: Surprise, Surprise!
5. Chapter 4: Let The Games Begin →