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Embracing Love Book 3 of Circle of Life * * * * * 7 Ratings


Love comes when you least expect it. Sometimes you don't recognize it until it slaps you in the face Four years later, Luke and his friends are still learning about themselves and each other, while finding new ways to embrace love
Copyright © 2012 FleetingRainbows; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Part three of Circle of Life.  It's been four years since the end of Love Endures..  this story finds Luke ready to take on new roles, while Robbie comes to some realizations of his own


there is a forum up for discussion http://www.gayauthors.org/forums/topic/34819-embracing-love/  feel free to leave your thoughts and discuss the happenings in the story :)

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue 0 reviews, 2,168 words,
  1. Defining Family 3 reviews, 8,773 words,

    What has Luke and his family been up to?  Find out in this chapter

  2. Time for Thanks; Time for Confessions 0 reviews, 5,237 words,

    Luke is concerned about Robbie, who uses the upcoming holiday to reveal certain truths

  3. Life Unexpected 13 reviews, 5,516 words,

    Today's the day Luke and Nick have been waiting for...

  4. The Guest 4 reviews, 6,610 words,

    Guess who's coming to dinner...

  5. Life Goes On 3 reviews, 5,048 words,

    Laurie celebrates 18 with his family while Graham continues to settle in

  6. Home Alone 4 reviews, 5,301 words,

    IT's Luke's first weekend alone without Landon and he's not quite sure what to do with himself.  Meanwhile Graham learns a thing or two about his host

  7. Full Disclosure 3 reviews, 5,174 words,

    Luke and Graham spend the day getting to know each other

  8. Now That I Think About it… 6 reviews, 2,267 words,

    Graham starts work and has a talk with James about Luke.  Meanwhile Luke starts to think about all he and Graham talked about

  9. Intervention 5 reviews, 4,297 words,

    Graham calls the family together to figure out a way to help Luke

  10. Taking Chances 1 reviews, 6,873 words,

    The first step to moving forward is letting go...

  11. Surprise, Surprise 3 reviews, 3,226 words,

    Happy birthday to James and Luke

  12. Confessions 4 reviews, 5,123 words,

    Luke enjoys his birthday weekend and Robbie and Laurie come clean

  13. Senior Prom 5 reviews, 6,388 words,

    It's prom night for the kids at Galena High.  And meanwhile Graham, Luke, James and Landon engage in some male bonding 

  14. Milestones 3 reviews, 6,332 words,

    Luke seeks out Graham's help and Robbie and Laurie graduate from high school

  15. Moving On 3 reviews, 3,743 words,

    Luke starts the process of letting go.

  16. Letting Go 3 reviews, 4,708 words,

    As the family gathers to celebrate Robbie and Lucas' birthday, Luke makes a confession and Robbie receives a special gift

  17. Life 3 reviews, 9,533 words,

    Sometimes life has this way of taking you by surprise

  18. Mending Fences 3 reviews, 4,991 words,

    Luke returns to the farm for the first time since Nick's death.

  19. Too Late For Second Guessing 4 reviews, 4,989 words,

    Luke and Robbie continue to move forward, but they're still learning to trust their instincts

  20. Independence 3 reviews, 6,630 words,

    Luke welcomes a new member into his ever growing family, and continues to learn how to stick up for himself when it counts. 

  21. Time 2 reviews, 2,287 words,

    Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
    Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
    So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
    It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

  22. Testify 4 reviews, 3,800 words,

    Graham admits his feelings to Luke and the travelers start the email exchange between them and the family back home

  23. Missing You 3 reviews, 3,976 words,

    Luke and Graham continue to wade the waters of their feelings, and in the meanwhile the letters continue

  24. Simple Pleasures 1 reviews, 3,499 words,

    James spends the day with his family, makes a new friend and gets surprising news from Luke.

  25. Waterfalls 4 reviews, 5,243 words,

    Mid-August brings more change to Luke and his family while Graham and Laurie take time to reflect. 

  26. Not Quite 1 reviews, 6,252 words,

    The month of August winds down and the weary travelers make their way home. 

  27. Fever 2 reviews, 5,875 words,

    Luke and Graham jump into crisis mode when Laurie is rushed to the hospital.

  28. Breaking Point 5 reviews, 6,285 words,

    Luke makes a huge decision about his relationship with Graham while James and Laurie's fates hang in the balance 

  29. Love Heals 1 reviews, 4,971 words,

    Luke and Graham get some good news

  30. Friends 1 reviews, 3,245 words,

    Robbie reflects on his last weekend at home, and throws a surprise party for Laurie

  31. Living Arrangements 3 reviews, 4,215 words,

    Robbie goes to college and Luke makes a big move

  32. L Is for Love 4 reviews, 2,584 words,

    A day in the life of Graham's family

  33. Pinprick 4 reviews, 2,596 words,

    James gets the results to his biopsy and Robbie comes out to Grant

  34. Adaptation 3 reviews, 3,266 words,

    Luke and Graham help Laurie move into his dorm, meet his roommate and spend some time getting to know Grant

  35. A Gathering of Friends 2 reviews, 2,982 words,

    Graham asks Luke to help him woo a client.

  36. Talk To Me 2 reviews, 4,367 words,

    Robbie and Laurie talk frank about their relationship, and Luke plays confidante to his friends,. 

  37. Falling Slowly 3 reviews, 5,246 words,

    Falling slowly sing  your melody I'll sing it loud

  38. The Heart Won't Lie 2 reviews, 6,965 words,

    James makes a decision about his relationship while Robbie and Laurie seek counsel about their next step.  Plus the family prepares for Thanksgiving

  39. Absolute Beginnings 2 reviews, 2,648 words,

    James can't stop thinking about Max.

  40. One 1 reviews, 3,308 words,

    Landon turns one :)  

  41. Firsts 2 reviews, 6,618 words,

    The McPherson brothers take center stage as James makes an admission and Robbie's relationship with Laurie intensifies.  Meanwhile Luke has a request for Graham

  42. Home 3 reviews, 3,252 words,

    Luke and Graham move into their new home

  43. Looks Like We Made it 2 reviews, 3,176 words,

    Robbie reflects on his family's ability to bounce back from tragedy.  It's Christmas time for the Sawyers and their friends and Luke has an important question for Graham

  44. Silent Night 4 reviews, 7,547 words,

    Christmas comes early at least for GA =)  Spend the holidays with Luke and James and their family as they greet new friends and celebrate being together.

  45. A Brand New Start 1 reviews, 3,993 words,

    Luke and his family are more than ready to put 2014 behind them.  And Chris has intriguing news for Laurie

  46. Perfect 0 reviews, 3,133 words,

    Chris and Robbie are both the recipients of unexpected news as they begin their second semester at Northwestern.

  47. Moment to Breathe 2 reviews, 2,885 words,

    Laurie questions Kraig's intentions while Robbie and Luke vent about their stressful weeks. 

  48. Social Experiments 3 reviews, 2,684 words,

    Robbie goes to see Laurie ater the frat party

  49. Closer Than Most 0 reviews, 6,366 words,

    This Valentine's Day Luke and James are concerned about Robbie while Chris celebrates a very memorable birthday with Kraig. 

  50. Interlude 0 reviews, 6,723 words,

    This year is about to get interesting for the Sawyers, McPhersons and Larsons...but for now Luke and James commiserae about their lives and Luke surprises Graham

  51. Reconnect 1 reviews, 3,304 words,

    Luke gets an unexpected phone call and Chris expresses his concerns to Laurie

  52. Damian 0 reviews, 3,052 words,

    Damian comes for a visit

  53. Caught Up In Love 1 reviews, 3,246 words,

    Nothing but warmth and close moments for Luke, Graham and Landon.  While Chris is completely caught up in his romance.  Will it last?  Only time will tell.

  54. About Trust 2 reviews, 4,074 words,

    James opens up to Max, while Chris seeks advice from Laurie

  55. Honesty 2 reviews, 3,987 words,

    Chris confronts Kraig with how he feels.  And Laurie opens up to Graham