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The Weight Of Love Book 1 of Circle of Life * * * * - 17 Ratings


Meet Luciano Christian Allegretti, better known as Luke Sawyer He's seventeen, a recent graduate of Galena high school, and an all around good guy. His favorite pastimes include writing, and being there for his family and friends. Everyone depends on Luke, but when the tables are turned will he be able to depend on them? It is the story of friendship, family, life, and love. It’s the story of an average guy with a not so average life navigating through love’s uncertainties
Copyright © 2011 Jammi; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

This story was actually started four years ago, and its the first part in a series of stories.  This first installment is angsty and heavy on the drama so be forewarned. :)  I hope you enjoy getting to know the characters and come to love them as i have.  

Table of Contents

  1. The Intern 4 reviews, 2,684 words,

    Luke is an intern at WGBZ.  His coworkers Nicholas and Maribel are dating.  A new intern joins the group and things just may get a little complicated

  2. The Double Date 6 reviews, 5,028 words,
    Mira attempts to play matchmaker
  3. The Ultimatum 4 reviews, 6,303 words,
    Things come to a head after Luke says enough is enough
  4. Nick's Choice 4 reviews, 6,722 words,
    Nick makes a decision about his relationships
  5. A Range Of Emotions 2 reviews, 9,085 words,
    Nick meets the Sawyers
  6. The Anniversary 2 reviews, 8,106 words,
    Luke and Nick celebrate their anniversary much to Randy's chagrin
  7. Hot and Cold 2 reviews, 4,398 words,
    Luke and Nick's first day living together doesn't go quite as planned
  8. Desperate Desire 3 reviews, 6,362 words,
    Luke and Nick quickly learn to be wary of each other's feelings plus Nick reconnects with Mira
  9. Horseplay 1 reviews, 8,511 words,
    Nick meets Luke's best girl and the couple has some fun with their friends and Mira throws caution to the wind
  10. Best Laid Plans 0 reviews, 11,872 words,
    A glimpse into Luke and Nick's everyday routine. A busy week capped off with a vacation.
  11. The Vow 1 reviews, 4,116 words,
    Luke and Nick cut their vacation short when a health crisis hits the family
  12. Fade To Black 1 reviews, 3,477 words,
    Luke and Nick's dinner party doesn't turn out quite as planned
  13. Drowning In Confusion 0 reviews, 5,977 words,
    One simple act sends Luke's world spinning out of control, while Nicholas starts to wonder if he made a mistake
  14. Falling To Pieces 3 reviews, 6,965 words,
    Luke's world continues to spiral out of control and Nicholas isn't sure how to help him
  15. Not My Boyfriend 2 reviews, 6,832 words,
    Luke's attempt at taking control of his life doesn't work according to plan...but it does lead to him confiding in a friend.
  16. This Is My Confession 5 reviews, 5,720 words,
    Nick Learns the Truth
  17. White Christmas 1 reviews, 4,361 words,
    Luke and Nick's first Christmas
  18. Waiting To Exhale 3 reviews, 5,475 words,
    Luke fights to be by Nicholas's side after his accident
  19. Who Will Keep Me Sane? 1 reviews, 6,726 words,
    Luke holds vigil by Nick's bedside and in the meantime lets a few cats out of the bag
  20. Shades of Gray 2 reviews, 9,527 words,
    Luke begins confiding in James and learns everything isn't as simple as it may seem
  21. A New Beginning 2 reviews, 8,060 words,
    Nicholas wakes up
  22. Meltdown 1 reviews, 7,244 words,
    Luke reaches his breaking point
  23. Highs and Lows 1 reviews, 14,170 words,
    Nicholas and Luke start to reconnect, Luke confides in James and Nick gets advice from Randy
  24. Taking Back Control 1 reviews, 9,824 words,

    With James and Mirabel's help Luke and Nicholas work through the latest crisis and Luke decides he's had enough of being the victim

  25. Hurdles and Memories 0 reviews, 14,605 words,

    Luke confides in his dad, and formally presses charges against Randy

  26. Breakthrough 1 reviews, 6,936 words,

    Nicholas starts to remember and Luke works on reclaiming his life

  27. Betrayal and Despair 3 reviews, 8,771 words,



    Sometimes moving forward is not as easy as it sounds.  

  28. Revelations 1 reviews, 11,136 words,

    James opens up to Luke and Nicholas.  and preparations for the trial begain

  29. The Trial Part One 1 reviews, 5,671 words,

    Court is now in session.  The Honorable Judge Newcomb residing.  The case of the State versus Randall Thompson begins

  30. The Trial Part II 1 reviews, 6,027 words,

    Luke's testimony continues 

  31. The Trial Part III 2 reviews, 4,976 words,

    Day One in court comes to an end

  32. The Trial Part IV 5 reviews, 5,070 words,

    Randy tells his side of the story

  33. The Trial Part V 3 reviews, 8,073 words,

    Starts immediately after the point Chapter 32 ended.  For all who have questioned Lillian's behavior, the answers are here.  though i didn't say you'd like them.  Court continues without one of the key players

  34. Love's Greatest Sacrifice 1 reviews, 8,724 words,

    Nicholas makes a hard choice, James has harsh words for the family and a verdict is reached.

  35. Labor of Love 2 reviews, 8,857 words,

    Luke's family and friends have been holding vigil at Luke's side for two weeks.  Will he answer their calls and open his ey

  36. Truth and Consequences 0 reviews, 6,467 words,

    Luke learns what he missed over the past two weeks  

  37. Moments 2 reviews, 2,910 words,

    Nick opens up to Luke about his father.  Later, Nicholas's plan to surprise his brothers doesn't go according to plan

  38. He Was A Friend of Mine 4 reviews, 7,121 words,

    Kim, my trusty beta, refers to this chapter as the twilight zone.  seems like an apt description :) 

  39. The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants 3 reviews, 3,978 words,

    wedding proposals and HIV test results plus Luke comes to a conclusion

  40. The Weight of Love 6 reviews, 18,839 words,

    The four musketeers get married!  not much more to say than that :)  You're all invited to the ceremony