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Trying to... * * * * * 4 Ratings


Tyler and Scott start off sharing Melanie as person in common. It doesn't take long till Mel takes a back seat and sparks begin to fly. What happens when these two men take chances in their lives? Each chapter is a flash fiction piece unto itself so watch as they TRY TO ...
Copyright © 2011 Frostina; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

Too many emotions running around in my little head. lets see how trying to pen them works out. Please let me know what you think of it.

Table of Contents

  1. Trying to Uncomplicate 9 reviews, 1,041 words,
    Too many things to take care of... Prioritisation is never easy.
  2. Trying to Figure out 4 reviews, 1,065 words,
    I added 'Romance' tag for this chapter. lol.
  3. Trying to Hope 4 reviews, 1,054 words,
    Thanks to Lugh's writing prompt #37
  4. Trying to Breathe Easy 4 reviews, 1,005 words,
    Writing prompt #39. Hope I made it work.
  5. Trying to Remember 4 reviews, 1,052 words,
    Thanks to Lugh's Prompt #36, and not to mention KC, for mentioning Mel. :) thanks for the idea guys!
  6. Trying to Pretend 4 reviews, 1,052 words,
    Prompt #43. For everyone who wanted more of Scott/Ty.
  7. Trying to Get There 3 reviews, 1,065 words,
    prompt #35
  8. Trying to Familiarise 3 reviews, 1,060 words,
    Prompt #10
  9. Trying to Fit in 2 reviews, 1,093 words,
    Not a prompt.