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5. Chapter 5 - Where My Memories Finally Come Back From This Soul of Mine

JamesAlexander%s's Photo   JamesAlexander, 04 Jun 2012



I looked to the trees on the outside, through the huge window of the room where I was staying in the Ashen’s house. My mind was drifting off to what I had learned from Eric. It had been almost a week since he appeared. And I still couldn’t wrap my head around all the things I had done… When I asked Eric about that, he simply shut me off… He didn’t want me to know the details…

“Hi, Hugh…” A familiar voice said.

It was a soft and shy voice, and it poured preoccupation. I looked behind me, knowing it was Eric who had entered the room. He closed the door, and walked towards me.

“Are you ok?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said.

I was lying. I wasn’t ok. But I didn’t want to play the victim. I deserved all of this struggling. I deserved it because of everything I had done and Eric didn’t even want to tell me.

“Don’t lie to me…” He whispered.

I looked puzzled at him. I knew he wasn’t reading my mind, because I wasn’t letting him. Then how did he know I wasn’t telling him the truth.

“Are you-“ I started.

“Reading your mind? We don’t need to. We can tell how you feel just looking into your eyes.” He replied.

It was astonishing! He seemed to be reading my mind.

“You are reading my mind… Aren’t you?”


“Then how did you-“

“Know what you are about to say? Because you’re predictable… That was one of the things we admired in you, you know? How one could count on you, and know exactly how you would react…” He explained.

“Eric, why do you refer to yourself as ‘we’ and not ‘I’?” I asked, out of the blue.

“Because we… I am more than one being. Usually, when a Skinwalker speaks to another, they use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’, but if gets you confused, I can easily change that.”

“That would be alright, I guess… Eric… Why did I do all that?” I asked. “Those things you don’t even want me to know?”

“I won’t tell you, Hugh. That’s it.”

“Well, I could always read your mind…” I whispered, determined to know.

“No, you can’t.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know… Some years ago, we… We promised we wouldn’t read each other’s minds. It was a Promise of Barrier… We… We voluntarily gave up the ability to read each other’s mind, in order to trust we would understand each other deeply without using our gifts… That was one of the things that made me the perfect spy… You trusted me, and you couldn’t know what I was really thinking…”

I could see a tear rolling down his cheek.

“Eric… Why did I trust you that much?” I asked.

“Fortunately, Nir’varin ended up telling you everything and convinced you that you were on the wrong side… But that… That made me lose you…” He said. “You trusted me that much because we loved each other… The Promise of Barrier is like a Marriage, but with a much deeper meaning… And I broke it, even after you took me in like you just did, even after you saved my life so many times, I…”

He burst into tears and I felt my heart failing a beat. It hurt so much to see him cry.

“Eric, do you believe the Patriots were right to replace the humans?” I asked.


“Do you believe that helping the Wardens into preserving that life, was such a higher purpose that not even the love you felt for me was enough to excuse my actions and let them go by unpunished?”

“I… I do…”

“Do you believe the only thing you could do to help them in their quest and help me see reason was to betray my trust?”

“Yes… Unfortunately I did…”

“Then don’t regret to follow what you believe is right.” I said.

He looked me in the eyes, and I took a step towards him, resting my hand in his arm.

“You were trying to save humanity… You even took the risk of sacrificing your loved one’s trust to do what you thought it was right. When something like that moves you that way, it can only mean it is indeed a higher purpose. What you did was such an unselfish act… And that makes me admire you, and I am proud you did so.”

He looked at me. His eyes really spoke to me, and they were asking me if I was really telling him that. And there was a glimpse of hope. I sighed.

“Eric… The Promise of Barrier… It seemed to resist the Erasing. That means maybe some of the love I felt for you is still here… And to be honest… The first time I saw you, I didn’t even know why I was helping you, I just… I just wanted to help you. I don’t remember a thing about my past life, despite some of the things sound familiar… I-“

“What did you day?!” he asked, gasping.


“Did you just said some of the things you hear seem familiar?”


“Oh, god… Hugh! Do you know what that means?!” He asked.

“I have some of my memories, or at least part of them?”

“Yes! But that shouldn’t have happened! When you are erased, so are your memories, completely! Unless there is another body! That’s why they destroy the other bodies, just before you are Erased! You must still have another body hidden somewhere, that’s sending you those pieces of memories! If we find that body, we can replace you memory completely.”

He seemed anxious. I sighed again.

“Yes… I’m sick of feeling like I don’t understand a thing… How can I find my other body?” I asked.

“That’s easy. I know where one of your hiding spots used to be, you just tell me if you clearly remember the place, even though you never had been there before in that body. That’s a sign that it is there.”

He pulled me by the hand, and we went off to one of the family’s cars.


When we arrived at the cemetery, I was stunned to realize I felt like I knew the place like I had spent days there. Eric had a huge adorable smile in his face, and we run towards a mausoleum. He forced the door open, and as we were entering, we heard other Skinwalkers running in our direction.

“Wardens!” He said. “Go inside! I’ll stall them while you grab the body! Once you touch it, you know what to do! GO!”

I ran down the stairs, as the door closed behind me. There, I found a small room. In the center, there was a stone altar with the body of a young man lying on top of it. He had blond hair, and his eyes were closed. I opened them, and saw how purple they were. I inhaled, and everything came back to me on how to invade a body. Suddenly, the blond body moved, and I saw something coming out of the back of his neck. It was a bright bolt of light, moving around like it was made of a thick liquid. I touched it, and it climbed up my arm, to the back of my neck. I felt a piercing pain, and then everything went black.


I heard a blast. Someone fell into the ground. I heard Yur’adan’s voice complaining. I opened my eyes, and jumped. It was dark, but I could see the Wardens. They were coming down the stairs. I suddenly remembered everything. And I now remembered what had really happened when I was sentenced to the Erasing.

“You fucking bastards, stay away from him!” I roared, in my commanding tone.

Yur’adan looked at me in awe. The Wardens gasped.

“No! He’s reunited with the colony! Back off! Back off or…”

Too late. I imagined myself griping the altar, and ripping it of the ground. The body that still rested there fell on the ground, and I threw the altar with my telekinesis towards the Wardens.

“Let’s go, baby.” I said, helping Eric standing up. “we have to go.”

“Oh, you’re not Erased anymore… I’m sorry, but I need to do this!”

He put his arms around my waste, and his lips kissed mine. I felt a chill going through my spine, and his tongue looked for mine anxiously. I opened my lips just enough so his tongue could caress mine.

“ok, enough with the romance, we really need to get out of here.” I said.

“Yes, you’re right…”

I took the rubble out of the way with my mind, and we ran outside. The Wardens seemed to have vanished. WE went back to the car, and I drove like crazy to the Ashen’s house. Now I remembered killing. And now I remembered everything I had seen. Everything.


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