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6. Chapter 6 - Where The battle for Earth Takes Place From This Soul of Mine

JamesAlexander%s's Photo   JamesAlexander, 04 Jun 2012


As we entered the house, we were received by Casey, Henry, Tina and Enzo. They all were worried about what had happened.

“There’s not much time to explain… We have to go to the Warden’s base.” I said.

Eric looked at me, shocked.

“What do you mean by that?!” He asked.

I sighed.

“Eric, you know about our history, how our planet was destroyed?”

“Yes, I do. A Planet hit ours and it destroyed it…”

I closed my eyes, remembering everything.

“You don’t remember… You don’t remember being there, do you?”

“No… This is what I was told by the Wardens.”

“Yes. You see, there are so many physics laws that refute that story I can’t even begin to cover them… First, if the planets did collide, it would have been so hot in the center of the collision that nothing would survive. Second, even if there were survivors in the pieces of the planet, the meteors wouldn’t have enough propulsion to even get out of the gravitational range of our Star! No, Eric, that is not what happened. There is indeed a word in our ancient language that sounds like Wardens. But it actually means Those of The Void. We patriots were once called Pathridens, Those of The Trees. What hit earth was not a piece of our planet. WE called it that just as a symbolism. It was actually a ship. There was a war between the Pathridens and the Wardens. You see, we had found the way to create the perfect host to us. It would take millions of years to have the final result, but we knew that it would work. But that would make us more powerful than the Wardens, and they wanted dominance above all. We were oozing the war, Eric… Millions of us killed… And those we weren’t, were Erased. There was another way to do it: simply eliminate every cell in the colony except one. This cell would have the basic information it needed to survive, but nothing more. The rest would be erased and could be rewritten. But some of the Pathridens escaped in the Ship, but were followed by them.

We only found about this when we were reaching Earth. WE were hoping we could settle here a base, and just create our hosts… But we were attacked, the two ships collided, not the two planets, and we fell on Earth. Our creation was spread through the world… It was nothing more than some bacteria, that a genetic code that would introduce itself in any organism that had a suitable DNA, and insert its own genes, so the organism would evolve to our perfect host.”

Eric’s eyes were wide open. And so were everyone’s.

“That is not possible…” Casey said, sitting on the couch, with trembling legs. “A bacteria, but we don’t even… Are we your perfect creation?”

His eyes were striking me, full of rage, full of despair, confusion, and fear.

“Casey… I am sorry you have to know about this… But yes… That’s why we are so powerful, that’s why you have such powerful minds… You humans are our creation.”

Casey buried his head in hs hands.

“A tool… We are a simply tool for warfare…” Casey whispered.

I walked towards him, placed my finger in his chin, and made him look into my eyes.

“Casey, you are not just a tool. You are what is going to save our species. But we know you are a species of your own. The Wardens tall stories about how we try to invade everybody we can, but that’s just the way they have to control everyone… But there is a place where I can make all of the Dasunai remember, where they can see the evidence what happened. I need to go to the Wardens, and get all the Pathridens together. I have to eliminate Set’thorem, the leader of the Wardens… They want to kill all the Pathridens so they can control the humans completely… We actually have rules on how many bodies we can own at the same time. But they don’t.”

Casey seemed a little bit more confident. I grabed a phone and dialed a number. Nir’varin answered on the other side.


“Nir’varin, atir borovar ot fawrir.” I said, in our native tongue.

I heard her gasp. My words had a deep meaning to her. They meant ‘It is time to act’.

“God lord, Sre’naith… You remember?”

“I do. We have to work quick. Get rid of Guil’gamesh”

“What about yur’adan, is he with you?”

“He is.” I sighed. “Get ready, and we’ll meet you at the base tomorrow.”


It was dark, and Eric and I were talking in my room. I was lying in bed, and the was cuddled in my lap. As our words went down in volume, our kisses grew in intensity. He turned himself so he would face me, and looked me in the eyes.

“Do you love me?”

“More than I love myself.” I whispered in return, kissing him.

“It was so hard, loosing you… And I really thought I was doing the right thing and…”

“There is no way you would have known, baby. Let’s just forget about it, shall we?”

He gave me is cute smile again, and we kissed once more. Suddenly, his hands were running up my chest, under my shirt, in lust and despair. He wanted me like I wanted him. I wanted to feel him, own him, I wanted to make love with him.

My hands quickly stripped both our shirts, as his hands ran down our jeans, unbuttoning them. Just a couple seconds later and we were naked, with him on top of me. Our dicks were hard as rock, and were aching for each other. He moved up, and then slid down. I felt my cock penetrating him, and moaned with the unimaginable pleasure it gave me, to fill him like that. He started moving his waste in circular moves, which make me go over the edge.

“Eric, calm down, or I’m going to cum now!” I begged.

His movements grew softer, and his hands explored my body, in unison with our moans and heavy breaths. The air on the room was getting steamy from our body heat and sweat. I caressed his hairs, as he kissed me deeply. He suddenly began moving faster again.

“Honey… That way I’m…”

“I know, and I want it, I want you to cum inside me!”

The tone of desperation in his voice was so sexy that pushed me towards the orgasm. I felt my muscles going stiff, my body trembled as the semen poured into him. I leaned my head backwards, and arched my back. My moans turned into muffled screams when my mouth bit into the pillow that was lying against the bed’s headboard. My hands flew towards Eric’s penis, grabbing it and stroking it fast and hard, and soon he was also reaching the orgasm. His body went crazy with spasms, and his semen poured into my chest and ran down my hands. He collapsed on top of me, and kissed my chest. His cum was hot and I could feel it slipping between us.

“How I have missed you so much…” He whispered.

“Me too, my love.” I said. “Let’s have some sleep, for tomorrow will be a big day.”


Everything went smooth, from the reunion with the Pathridens, to the sneak into the Wardens base. Eric knew the corridors of the base well. After eliminating Set’thorem, we would go to Mexico, to unbury our ship so we could show what had really happened. But the leader of the Wardens would be heavily guarded. And he knew we were coming. When we entered the room, he was expecting us, with a dozen of heavy and tall bodyguards.

“Hello, Sre’naith… is it today that you have the courage to kill me, brother.” He said, with a big smile on his face.

My legs went weak when I saw who he was owning. I remembered that man deeply. And the fact that he was controlling him… He was a tall man, with greying dark hair, and purple eyes that once were blue.

“Why…” I whispered. “How long have you been controlling Charles?”

Yes. He was controlling Charles Montenegro’s body, the man that was the father of my body.

“Because I wanted to see if you were really capable of not only killing you blood brother, but also your father.”

“What does he mean, brother…?” Eric whispered.

“We… We came from the same colony.” I said. “And I regret that I didn’t kill you when I had a chance. Nothing’s going to keep me from saving the universe from your existence!”

I imagined an arm grabbing one of the bodyguards, but he fought my telekinesis back. Soon, there were bullets, chairs, and even pieces of the building flying around. It was the clash of two armies, just like it happened more than 65 million years ago. I killed two of the bodyguards. But there were some Wardens coming into the room in aid of their leader. I looked at Eric, and he knew what I wanted to do. He helped me in trying to isolate Set’thorem. The leader of the Wardens was trying to escape through a stair case, but seeing that the way down was blocked by some Pathridens, he ran towards the roof. The top of the building was at an astonishing height of 30 floors away from the ground.

“There is no way you are going to stop me, Sre’naith. I have many more bodies!” He said. “You kill me, I’ll just Break the bound with this one!”

I roared, and ran towards him. He pushed me away with the telekinesis, but Eric was also running in his direction. Set’thorem grabbed a knife that was strapped to his ankle. I pushed Eric away from the reach of the knife with the force of my mind.

“Be careful!” I warned.

Set’thorem threw the knife, and I knew he was guiding it towards Eric, that was running in my direction. I stopped the knife, fighting the leader of the Warden’s willpower.

“Hugh, is there any way to kill him and preventing him from breaking the bound?” he asked.

“There is, if you are inside the somebody as he is, and invade his mind for just enough time, but that would kill anyone who tried it…” I looked into his eyes, and saw his determination. “No…Eric, don’t you dare doing that to me you…”

He ran away, after telling me one last time he loved me. I kept forcing the knife that was floating in the air towards Set’thorem. He was distracted, and Eric pushed him, grabbed onto him, and they disappeared as they fell of the building. My heart seemed to have stopped beating. The knife flew away from my reach, and I ran towards the edge. I could see Eric stabbing himself and then Set’thorem. I could see the mass of his cells invading Set’thorem’s body, and I couldn’t look as they crashed on the ground several stories under me.


I let a tear roll down my eyes, as I saw the casket being buried. Henry squeezed my shoulder with his hand. He had told me about how he killed his first lover, and how he knew how I felt. I could tell he really did, and he had been a great help. Everyone was leaving the cemetery, and I looked to the mausoleum that still was showing signs of the destruction it had happen inside when I recovered my memories.

The Wardens knew now the truth, and we scattered around the world. The Wardens and Pathridens were no more. And I felt the emptiness of losing my lover forever hitting me hard. I fell on my knees, and cried till it was dark. When the night came, I felt someone behind me. But I couldn’t read his mind, so I turned around, with tears in my eyes, and saw him. He was shorter than me, with pale skin, ginger hair, and a pair of flashing and loving purple eyes.

“I took the liberty to own and hide a body, so I could escape to it if something bad happened… You know I had to be so quick to leave the body…”

My eyes were wide open.

“Yur’adan…. How…?”

“The stab wound. I kept my cells near it, so I would jump out of the body in the last second.” He said, smiling. “With that said, are you going to kiss me or what…?”

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