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8. Chapter 8 - Family Issues

JamesAlexander%s's Photo   JamesAlexander, 26 Jun 2012


The water around him was the perfect temperature. He could finally feel like he was somewhere he belonged. Under the water every sound seemed altered, like there was a veil between him and the rest of the world that stopped him from listening to the problems and the pain. Here he could cry and no one would notice, a place where tears and the rest were the same: just water. Christian felt his chest tighten, asking for air, and he swam back to the surface, inhaling almost desperately. Suddenly he realized there was a black-haired boy, with a pair of small amber eyes observing him. He was well built, just like Christian, but was a little taller. He had the typical swimmer body, and his skin seemed to never have known what a hair was, at least a hair that wasn’t in his head. The black speedos with a blue stripe on each side the boy was wearing made Christian gasp for hair.

“Wow! Two minutes and thirty nine seconds underwater… Have you ever thought about training to be a free diver?” The boy asked, with a big friendly smile on his face.

“Well… I’ve thought about it, but I don’t want to do it. At least not yet…”

“I’m Anders.” The boy said.

“Christian.” He introduced, keeping his last name for himself.

“So, are you new around here?” Anders inquired, curious.


“Where are you from?”

“New York.” Christian said, keeping it short and simple, as they walked around the pool.

“New York City or New York State?” He asked, with a big grin.

Christian rolled his eyes.

“Are you going to go into the pool? If you are, you should warm up.”

Anders obeyed, and started to warm up, as Christian observed every movement of the boy’s body. His muscles flexed and relaxed in a seductive way, reminding Christian of the ocean waves. He could now see the boy from a closer distance, and saw his freckles around the forehead, almost invisible to the naked eye, but still there, which made Christian smile. He too had some freckles, but they were located around his nose and upper cheek.

“Well, can you stop drooling over me and just get in the water with me?” Anders asked, snapping Christian of his thoughts.

The ginger boy felt his face turn red, and this made Anders smile triumphantly. The black-haired boy was the first to go in, with a graceful dive. It felt like Anders was made of feather, because there were almost no water drops flying away from the surface when he dived. Christian tried his best, but failed utterly. At first they just did some laps, competing against each other in a friendly way. But soon, they would be flirting and playing in the water. Anders looked to the clock, and sighed.

“I guess it’s time for me to leave.” He said.

“OK, I’ll go with you too” Christian said.

He was hoping to see more of Ander’s body naked… Not that the small speedo left much to be revealed, but still, it revealed everything but nothing at the same time. It was like Burlesque: show a little more, show a little less… As Anders got out of the water, some of the liquid forced the speedos down just an inch, and for a second, Christian could gaze on the beginning of Anders’s butt crack. He followed him to the locker room, and soon they were laughing and fooling around. Anders was about to take of his speedos, when suddenly he looked into Christian’s eyes with a stern expression.

“Are you gay?”

Christian’s heart failed a beat. But he decided not to lie. He was sick of it.

“I am. If you have a problem with that, there are private showers over there.”

“Oh, I just wanted to know if it was ok if I did this…” Anders explained.

He walked towards Christian, and breathed onto his neck, sending a chill over his body. He felt Anders’s warm lips touching his skin, and then felt his earlobe being licked and gently bitten.

“I’ve seen how you looked at me… Do you want to take them off?” Anders invited, grabbing Christian’s hands and placing them on his swim wear.

Chris swallowed nervously, as he felt the other boy’s hands wrapping his fingers around the speedos’ waistband. Christian felt a fire burning inside him that gave him the guts to pull the speedos down. As he did, his face almost touched Ander’s genitals. He had a beautiful cut penis, and his balls rested tight against his body, due to the cold you could feel when you had water in your skin and walked around chilly places like the locker room. It smelled like chlorine and fresh. Christian looked up, surprised, and Anders smiled. The boy’s penis quivered a little, and touched Chris’s chin. He felt his own speedos grow tighter. He looked around once more, verifying if they really were alone, and went for it. He grabbed Ander’s cock by the shaft, and put it in his mouth. He didn’t know what he was doing, since this was the first time he did something this sexual with someone other than himself. Chris had only a clue: do what you think you would like to feel. He caressed the member inside his mouth with his tongue, making Anders moan with pleasure. Christian could feel the dick growing inside his mouth, and he couldn’t help it any longer, and started stroking his own penis.

Bernard parked the car in front of the building. He looked from the car, and saw the reception. He imagined Christian swimming in the pool inside. A smile appeared on his face as he pictured the boy in small speedos and cutting through the pool. He sighed. There was no way the thoughts he was having about his housemate were adequate for their relationship. His fingers tapped the steering wheel rapidly while waiting. He wanted to surprise Christian by giving him a ride back home. But the boy was taking so long! He ended up getting out of the car, and leaning against door. He saw Christian first, laughing, and turning to another boy, a little taller than him. Bernard’s jaw fell, as he recognized his stepbrother, Anders. Christian was laughing and joking around with a Peterson. Probably he didn’t even know about this! Well, yes, technically he was also a Peterson, but he had been practically raised by a Riveri-Thrust! He growled, and walked towards the boys.

“Anders.” He said, in a cold tone.

The boy who had just been addressed looked at him, at first surprised, and then smiled.

“Hello, Bernard…”

“Boo, what are you doing here?” Christian asked.

Anders could notice how fond of Bernard Christian was. He could see the light that appeared in the boy’s eye once he saw his stepbrother. But he couldn’t allow this to go on! He couldn’t allow Bernard to ruin his plans as usual! Not this time!

“Stalking around little boys like you love to do?” Anders hissed.

“Don’t push it, little brother.” He growled back.

Christian lifted an eyebrow. They were really similar, especially in their black-as-night hair. Anders seemed shocked that Bernard revealed this.

“What do you want here, Bernard?” Anders asked, bluntly.

“OH, I was just offering a ride to my housemate. But seems like you are already busy, Christian.”

Bernard hid the victorious smile he felt like showing when he saw the reaction his stepbrother had when he found out about this.

“Is this true, Chris?” Anders whispered.

“I… Yes… Is there a problem or…?”

“There is… He’s a Peterson!” Anders revealed.

Christian’s eyes popped open. Bernard saw them pleading, begging him to tell him it was not true. Bernard crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“I neither have the Peterson surname in my official record, nor in my acts, unlike you, Anders.” Bernard said, with his voice as cold as the North Pole itself. “You always ran around, trying to please Father. Why are you even talking to Christian if you know that, if Sonny catches you, you would be disowned like I was when they found out I was dating a Riveri-Thrust?”

Bernard knew he had hit the spot when he saw Anders face. It was the disappointed expression he made when he saw his plans being destroyed. Anders looked into Christian’s eyes, with a sudden (and Bernard knew fake) warmth.

“I have to go, Chris. Talk to you late. Just be careful with him.”

Bernard laughed while his younger brother got into the black BMW, and Christian looked inquisitively at him.

“Care to explain, Thomas Bernard?” Christian asked.

Uh-oh…He used the first name. Christian wasn’t happy and wouldn’t stop until he knew everything he wanted to know.

“Let’s just go home, ok?”

The younger nodded, and they went to the car.

Bernard was preparing dinner, when Christian brought up the subject of his family again.

“So, explain to me why have you told me your last name is Wood and Anders is your brother and a Peterson? I mean, do you use the surname Wood like you use your second name as the first one?” Christian inquired, clearly upset.

“No. Wood is my mother’s surname. I am the son of Sonny Peterson and Gwyneth Wood. But they divorced, and I went with my mother to New York. When I was ten, my mother and my stepfather died in a car crash, just like yours… I went to an orphanage, and, instead of living with my father, they put me living with strangers. Not that they didn’t love me, you know? But I wanted my real family to be there for me… When I was sixteen, I ran away from home, and came back to Greenisle. I never made it to Haletown… Jessica found me, and she gave me shelter. She officially adopted me when I turned seventeen. I learned about my family, about everything they have done, I couldn’t even look into their faces… But When I was eighteen, I showed up at the Peterson’s Manor, and they were surprised to see me… I remember coming back home that day and begging Jessica to take out the Peterson surname from my papers, and so she did. Anders was just eight back then… But he learned to hate me…. Since then, I ruined his plans towards power conquer now and then… Then, when I turned 19, I started to get close to Shawn. At 21, I went to college, where I was until I turned 25, and since then I’ve been working around Africa. I was 26 when Shawn and I started dating, when I was working in Arica and he was traveling around the continent.”

As Bernard told his story, they moved into the living room. By the time the older man finished, they were on the couch, Bernard sitting, and Christian laying on his back, with his head resting on Bernard’s lap.

“Why didn’t you tell me before…?” Christian asked.

“Because I am not proud of the fact the same blood that runs through Anders’s veins is the same as mine. He is the kind of person that has only himself in mind, Chris. Believe me, I know him.”

“Well… I don’t think he is that bad…” Chris said, standing up. “I mean, he is gentle.”

Bernard laughed.

“Yeah, right, that’s what everyone he takes to bed says, be it man or woman.”

Christian moved on the couch, uncomfortable with Bernard’s words. Bernard was wise, and had learned to understand Chris’s body language.

“Oh… Chris… Don’t tell me you…”

Christian blushed, but didn’t deny it.

“Are you fucking serious?” He said, disappointed.

“What’s the problem?”

“How can you even ask that?! What did you two do?”

“Just… Just a blowjob…” Christian blushed.

“Oh, yeah, and I bet it wasn’t him who gave it to you!”

Now, Christian thought Bernard was acting strange.

“Why do you even care, Bernard? I mean it’s not like it’s your business!”

The older smiled with irony, and stood up. He nodded, acknowledging that Christian had completely lost his mind.

“No, it’s not my business! It is just everybody else’s business! Do you really think you were his first? That he felt something special for you?”

“I… No! I mean, I don’t know, I thought he really liked me.”

“Oh, Christian…” Bernard sighed, and then laughed, again with irony. “You really are so naïve… You don’t know a thing about love… About liking someone… If he really liked you, believe me, he would have put an effort in, so your first time together wouldn’t be in some damned locker room!”

“Well, Bernard, let me tell you, I liked it!”

“Yeah, I bet you did! And do you think he wants more? Do you think that it’s you he’s after, and not your money?”

“What do you mean, my money?! I’m completely broke!”

Bernard lifted an eyebrow.

“Christian… Do you realize that when Zach dies, you’ll inherit the majority of the riches he owns? The Tale Ranch, the villa… It will all belong to you.”

“I’ve heard something like that, but Grandpa Zach isn’t going to die that soon!”

Bernard’s gaze went suddenly dark.

“Christian… They will do anything to own the whole island. Even if it means killing. It wouldn’t be the first time it happens.”

Christian watched astonished as Bernard went to his room, and left him thinking about everything.

So, it took a little bit longer to post this chapter because I've been unable to access the internet for almost a week (no, I wasn't grounded, there was really a problem with the internet). Hopefully you'll like this one, and you're only going to read the next one in about 3-4 days because I won't be home for the next 3 days (I'm heading south to spend the rest of the week with my boyfriend :P). Anyway, if you liked, please, review and hit the like button, you know the deal: feedback is always welcome.

And again, thank you to TalonRider for editing and helping out around with the story :)

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