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3. Chapter 3 - In The Mood for Some Rock Reviews

Stephen%s's Photo

Jun 10 2012 01:33 AM

(Chapter 3 Review)

I'm intrigued with this family of The Island. Island people
are always different from the mundane Mainland ones.
The meeting between Christian and his mother seems a bit
too brief, considering it's significance. I wonder what's
going on with that? I know if I'd met my mother for the
first time at his age, I wouldn't let distracting twins or
a lame excuse to keep me from at least talking for a
few minutes to get some questions asked & answered.
To get to know her.

-But families are strange.

I'll wait so see what you do with this odd bunch next.

View Post Reply from JamesAlexander (author)

Oh, yeas, and Christian has noticed the exact same thing about his mother. And he will soon meet her again ;) You just have to read :) I'm just going to write a new chapter (chapter 9), and then I'll post chapter 4 today (which is actually the chapter where Christian meets is mother, and also a new character who is going to be of a great significance for him in the future... :P)

AS for people being different in the Island... They are. Here who rules are not politics, but the actual powerful, but you'll see better what I mean in the future ;)
Cheers, and thank you for reading! =D
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