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Fairy Dust * * - - - 1 Ratings


Sam is sent on a road trip by his employer. What was supposed to be a routine maintenance call turns into an adventure in self-discovery. Because of a few chance encounters he becomes aware of feelings he had tried to ignore all his life.
Copyright © 2011 jfalkon; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Travel Plans 0 reviews, 464 words,
  2. Embarrassment 0 reviews, 821 words,
  3. Doubts and Nightmares 0 reviews, 865 words,
  4. The Quest 0 reviews, 914 words,
  5. The Fairy and the Dust 0 reviews, 789 words,
  6. Breakthrough 0 reviews, 1,435 words,
  7. Return to Green Hollow 0 reviews, 1,426 words,
  8. Scent of Something New 0 reviews, 630 words,
  9. Adventures in the Dark 0 reviews, 1,414 words,
  10. Clarity 0 reviews, 465 words,