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30. Chapter 30 Reviews Book 1 of The Centurion Cycle

Celethiel%s's Photo

Dec 12 2013 02:34 AM

(Chapter 30 Review)

so i read this entire thing....
entirely interesting... to say the least...
-_- Jason's mother should have died long before she did... when she nearly broke her son's arm I was thinking this hag has to go.... she should have been Assassinated...
heck the leader of the guard should have assassinated her...

View Post Reply from JMH (author)

The fact that the captain of the queens' guard didn't help Jason sooner does become an issue later on. Right no all Jason can think about is how everyone he once known is now dead. It would be very hard for anyone, esp. Jason to adjust his life to his new reality. It is only when he is older that he has the time to think about what happened before Philip saved him.
Cannd%s's Photo

Dec 30 2012 12:13 PM

(Chapter 30 Review)

Wow! I loved this book! What a great story. Well-written. There were a few spots where I would have commented, but I couldn't get myself to stop reading long enough to do so. lol Those who know me would know that is big~I like to comment :) I really enjoyed this and will start right up on Book 2. It's super lucky when you find something that is complete so you don't have to be tortured waiting for more.
I am shocked Alex and Gideon aren't in lots of trouble. I can't remember the rules about rules surrounding a legatio's bonding to centurians. I guess they can bond to more than one. How wrong it was for the boys to trick him into it. And they did. They prevented him from making the choice with full knowlege of the result. They used his love of centurians to do it.
Book 2 should be really crazy with all the pot stirring that has been done and b/c Jason will not just be surrounded by family and other Centurians. I have a feeling he is not gonna go over well there. At least not without the other Legatio trying to bend him to their will. I'm glad he'll have the guys to help him. I wish they had taught him more so that he'd not be at risk b/c of ignorance.
I am assuming Kristen and Erik are angels? That was interesting too. One thing that I didn't feel made sense was the space Philip allowed between them. He almost avoided Jason in the end. I know he doesn't want to force him into anything or hurt him b/c he has so few yrs left but for god's sake, he better up his game b/c others won't play fair--even
own brother shjowed that. I was mainly surprised at the fact that Philip so openly slept/screwed around with the other Centurians. I know that nature wouldn't change in him. He isn't like Alex who is trying to change the make-up of a centurian or show that it can be changed/bent. But, I am surprised he did it in front of Jason like he did. It felt wrong that Jason didn't react negatively to it too. He seemed to show jealousy in the beginning and then suddenly he's all zen about what he sees. I thnk he should have shown jealousy and questioned Philip's ardor for him.
I'm excited for the next book~ Off I go.

View Post Reply from JMH (author)

There is around 9 books in the First Cycle. Right now working on the Second Cycle which I hope will consist of seven books.

As for Aaron and Philip, their relationship will never be an easy one. By the time you get to Book V you'll be able to see the toll weighing on Jason due to Philip's hedonistic ways. Jason is not yet bonded and yes, as a Legatio he will only be able to truly bond to one man. Later on that will change but by that point Jason will no longer be the man he once was.
As for Kristan and Erik they are not Angels but nor are they what they appear to be. By the end of the second book you will have a better idea of what they are and who they work for.

Thanks for the great review and hope to read more from you in the future. Take care.
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