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The English Year * * * * * 30 Ratings


Corbin Crowley didn't intend to fall in love during his junior year at Old Dominion University. But he did... and this is what happened.
Copyright © 2012 Jwolf; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

This story is based on actual events. Names, dates, and locations have all been changed to protect those involved. Some chapters may feature graphic depictions of adult themes. I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me. Comments and questions are welcome and encouraged.

Table of Contents

  1. Somebody Status 16 reviews, 7,421 words,

    "You don't earn somebody status after just one drink..."


  2. Being English 8 reviews, 7,832 words,

    "Honey, he's European... they're all a little bit gay."

  3. Five Minute Freshman 9 reviews, 11,005 words,

    And yet, nothing was certain until it was certain.

  4. Mister 9 reviews, 8,293 words,

    "Shit... or get off the pot."

  5. Cock Block 8 reviews, 9,275 words,

    “I didn’t ask to like this guy, it just happened to happen.”

  6. Picket Fences 6 reviews, 9,407 words,

    Fuck picket fences. A picket fence can't keep you warm at night...

  7. Tailgate 5 reviews, 10,029 words,

    "Oh please.... that boy is as gay as the day is long."

  8. Friend Zone 9 reviews, 11,226 words,

    Was the Friend Zone the End Zone?

  9. Never Have I Ever 5 reviews, 10,402 words,

    . "If he can’t take the heat, he shouldn’t have put his dick in the fucking oven."

  10. Hurricane Dakota 8 reviews, 8,938 words,

    "Who do you... who do you think you are?"

  11. The Second Cut is the Deepest 11 reviews, 10,945 words,

    Possibilities don't build certainties.

  12. Over/Under 9 reviews, 8,897 words,

    "I’m not mad at him, I’m just… I’m tired of liking him. It’s leading nowhere and I’m ready to move on!”

  13. Homecoming Part 1: That Kind of Thing 9 reviews, 12,011 words,

      “What’s the difference between going out and hanging out?” “Going out includes dinner.”

  14. Homecoming Part 2: Left, Right, Left 11 reviews, 10,180 words,

    Pete was either not gay but in love with me, or he was gay but not in love with me

  15. Thanks, Friend 8 reviews, 9,818 words,

    "If he’s not gonna milk the cow, then he can’t brand the cattle."

  16. Beck-and-Call Girl 13 reviews, 10,564 words,

    It sounded so easy, yet I was infatuated with two guys, and my relationship with both of them was proving to be anything but.

  17. Hey Fever 12 reviews, 11,413 words,

    "I swear the two of you are the most jealous non-boyfriends I have ever had!"

  18. Fresh Air 14 reviews, 10,753 words,

    "You keep saying let's be friends. Let's prove it for once."

  19. The Big Bad Wolf 13 reviews, 8,035 words,

    "What you put in your article… what you did to Melanie Chu… I’m disappointed in you, Corbin. Very disappointed.”

  20. Father Figure 8 reviews, 9,267 words,

    "Sometimes I think that you’ll… never… understand me. But something tells me together, we’d be happy…"

  21. Falling Slowly 13 reviews, 8,986 words,

    "You have suffered enough...And warred with yourself...It's time that you won." -Once

  22. Memory of a Kiss 17 reviews, 10,596 words,

    First kisses were supposed to tell you everything you needed to know about a relationship. They were supposed to open the door to possibilities… the future. A first kiss was, arguably, the only kind of kiss that mattered.

  23. Sex and Laundry 15 reviews, 9,405 words,

    He wasn’t the one who could break my heart. The one who could break my heart had already broken it.

  24. The Ladder 14 reviews, 14,146 words,

    “What the fuck did you do?” I asked in a moment of stillness before the chaos began.

  25. Punch. Drunk. Love. 14 reviews, 13,630 words,

    What a clusterfuck, I thought.... I had to think fast, and I had to act even faster.

  26. Hall Pass 11 reviews, 13,752 words,

    "I could have changed my life for you..."

  27. Bullet Bites 9 reviews, 11,835 words,

    The worst thing in the world you can give to someone that loves you is hope. It drives them crazy. That night, Pete’s words drove me crazy.

  28. The Date 11 reviews, 14,470 words,

    “I still think we need to consider his definition of the word date.”

  29. Easy Street 9 reviews, 12,464 words,

    I laughed. I chose easy. I needed easy. It was a one way street to happiness, I decided, and for that, I could do easy.

  30. The Talk 13 reviews, 9,248 words,

    I’ve been thinking a lot about last night. I’ve been unfair to you. I love you. Let’s talk. -Pete

  31. Trial Run 8 reviews, 9,319 words,

    I felt at peace. Guilty and on the verge of throwing up, but at peace nonetheless.