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Marcus and the Slave Book 1 of Marcus and the Slave * * * * * 9 Ratings


The story is set pre Julius Caesar. Marcus, an ex centurion and roman citizen has settled to a life running his family's farm, after the loss of his parents. We find him in the slave market looking for new slaves. (the story contains some darker images)
Copyright © 2012 Kiltie69; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue 1 reviews, 379 words, 2,393 views

    The prologue is here to try help you keep track of some of the characters.  Also I plan to have an expanding glossary of words as the story continues.

  1. Chapter 1 8 reviews, 2,658 words, 10,733 views
  2. Chapter 2 6 reviews, 2,363 words, 3,828 views

    Koen and his companions are now slaves of Marcus Braxus.  What next?

  3. Chapter 3 1 reviews, 2,694 words, 2,981 views
  4. Chapter 4 3 reviews, 2,367 words, 2,833 views

    Things do not look good for Koen.

  5. Chapter 5 1 reviews, 2,278 words, 2,918 views

    Apologies for the late posting of this chapter but personal matters, some of whichmost of you know about intervened.

    I should also add that this chapter is not for the prudish or Queerlings there is darker element shown in this chapter that has only been hinted at in others.

  6. Chapter 6 2 reviews, 2,076 words, 2,718 views

    Ok after a break here we go again. :) Koens life is about to change.

  7. Chapter 7 2 reviews, 2,371 words, 2,230 views

    Koen and his master go shopping

  8. Chapter 8 2 reviews, 2,217 words, 1,132 views

    Ok its been 10 months since I last Posted this chapter was part written now finished.
    Koen is moving onwards life is changing. where is it leading.  Marcus is becoming more aware of his feelings.


    I reposted chapter 7 in error skip to nine.

  9. Chapter 9 1 reviews, 4,546 words, 1,542 views

    Koen has healed after the assault.  Marcus is seeking information and revenge.

    The issue with page breaks has been sorted.

  10. Chapter 10 3 reviews, 7,667 words, 1,355 views

    Marcus sets plans in motion to fight back.

  11. Chapter 11 5 reviews, 4,000 words, 991 views

    Marcus and Koen go shopping wink.png  much to Lucius Crassus's detriment.

  12. Chapter 12 4 reviews, 3,142 words, 1,120 views

    The fun begins.  There is scheming, there is love, there is death.

    Also there is a torture / beating scene, you have been warned.  Information was required wink.png


  13. Chapter 13 3 reviews, 4,690 words, 1,034 views

    The penultimate chapter. Not saying anything.

  14. Chapter 14 3 reviews, 4,495 words, 970 views

    The Final Chapter is here.