Into the Oblivion by LannisterEX

1. Stranger


Chapter 1

I don’t know where to start on how all of this had happened. I thought everything was normal for a boy like me. I always dreamed of an adventure and would take me to places I had never imagined. I was a child and there is no more than that.

Everything was normal and I was happy. I thought if there would be an adventure, everything will go better and exciting but I never accredited some things I should have imagined beforehand.An adventure had its cost that I never envisioned either. I thought that every story had a good ending. But that’s fantasy. Reality is something I must look after. After all, it is what keeps me alive. The fantasy I thought of always was just feeding off to my own imagination.

Get a life and face it.

Now back to what I am saying. I can’t remember how this all happened. It started there, maybe it started here. Maybe. Just maybe.

I’m Chance Valentine, a magician or a mage if that’s want you want to call it. No, I don’t pull rabbits out of hats. I mean Merlin-class of magician, a wizard. I am not alone of course. There are more people than I thought there would be. They’re also gifted with such abilities. Some are more powerful. But some are not.

There was no specific term to call it but I can use the arcane magic I know to provoke the power of the stars and cosmic energy that surrounds us. Of course I didn’t come out of my mother’s womb zapping out electricity and bolts of lightning. I started with nothing at all. I don’t even believe that magic existed. However, I was truly fascinated of it. I never dreamt to encounter things that were only believed in myths and legends.

Anyway, I’m still thinking where should I start but I guess I should start the day I found that stranger.

I was waiting for my older sister to finish up in the bathroom. It took ages for her to finish I was waiting for a Friday morning in fact. It was the last day and at last I would be able to have the weekend upon my grasp. There was a new movie in the cinema and I and my sister were dying to watch it. It’s another wizard movie and we’re interested how good the effects would be. CGI effects were really handy and it made everything almost real but too bad! They’re still a fake.

My sister finally opened up the door with a towel around her. She’s a few years older than me and was definitely a teenager. I love her so much but we still have quarrels we couldn’t evade. It’s just how things go. We’re always together and an inseparable pair. We’re like twins except I was younger. I just had a dozen year of life and so far I’m not complaining from it. Our parents were proud of the two of us.

Anyway, I quickly stripped down and get on to the shower. I quickly did my business and rinse off before drying myself with the towel. I hung it over my waist and made a dash for my room. I quickly changed to my usual clothes and grabbed my bag My sister is still not done. My hair was all dry before she showed up. But at least we still have a lot of time before the bell rings.

We walk our way to school every day, not only that it’s walking distance but also because we enjoy chatting with each other a lot. We hurriedly walked towards the school’s direction and smiles were painted on both of our faces.

“Did you finish it little brother?” She asked. “You know the usual trade.”

“Of course!” I said proudly. I reached for my bag and handed down her notebook. I would usually do her math homework ever since she learned that I’m a genius at it. She was about to grab it when I suddenly pulled it from her. “An equivalent exchange.”

“Fine.” She reached her back and took out the scrapbook project. She wasn’t good at math but I was no better in art projects. So we trade and I’ll do a week of her math homework while she finishes off with my scrapbook project. What gives? Everybody have a weakness don’t they?

I shrug it off and we trade of our accomplished works. I’m sure my work was perfect and checked if it was correct a couple of times. I flipped the pages of the scrapbook to make sure she did fine and she did. Both of us beamed with pride with one another.

We were already on the school grounds and it was a matter of seconds before we split. I still flipped the pages and there information needed to be there was laid down correctly. The bell rang and I ran for the room.

The whole day was a drag. Minutes were like hours and I want this day to end so badly so I could finally watch that movie. I was excited. My sister and I never believed magic to be real. We think too logically for it so we shrug it off. However, we were still fascinated.

There are times that we get ourselves into some libraries and get books towards the occult and magic however, we never believe it really existed. She pointed out that it might be real but the essence was long gone before our age.

There was no way it could have been preserved. There were dozens of religion that replaced that belief and there’s a large possibility that the essence was wiped off completely from the face of this planet centuries ago.

The bell rang after a couple of subjects and at last, it was finally lunch time. It was something I was usually looking forward to aside from hanging with my friends, I could slack off. You know the usual stuff that happens between friends, right?

The cafeteria was filled with students but for some reason none of my friends weren’t there. I wonder where they are. It seems so impossible that not a single one of them was present. Are they really that busy? I feel like I am irresponsible all of a sudden. Oh well, back to slacking off.

I sneaked upon the school ground and found a quiet spot under a tree to sleep for a while. I was on the verge of dreamland when I heard some children laughing and screaming. I shot my eyes open from the disturbance and looked around.

There were a few boys going in my direction. I’m sure they were younger and they had a ball in hand. They were going to play football on the grounds. I smiled and watched them closely. There were only five of them. They need another player to even things up. One of the boys saw me and rushed p close.

“Do you want to play?” he offered. Those puppy brown eyes are kind of irresistible when they’re not yet destroyed by puberty.

“Sure!” I gladly accepted it and stood up. He smiled and ran off to the others. It will be a three-on-three match. The battle was on!

I played my role well. Since I’m older and bigger than most of them. I played on the offense but they were pretty good players too. I wasn’t good with sports like this but I wasn’t lame either. I just play just to keep my gears in check. I don’t want to make them grow up with a creaking sound. So I play with my best and score a goal in a few minutes.

The opposing team wasn’t upset and they were more determined this time. I tried to tackle the ball and I got through but the goalkeeper kicked it with a fierce blow. It passes overhead but I did something I never could have done.

I think something sparked within me or I just hit my head badly before. I rushed towards the ball that was flying overhead. I jumped upwards and twisted myself. I threw myself back and kicked the ball. I did a back flip and kicked the ball fiercely.

That wasn’t right! I never did something like that but I did now! I was shocked and so were the others. The goalkeeper was just as shocked as I am, letting me have my second goal.

Everyone in the field yelped for me and cheered me. Everyone was amazed and kept giving comments how I good I looked in the air. I looked at everyone who was as surprised as I am.

“Cool!” Said one of the boys.

“Way to go!” Another one chirped.

“How did you do that?” A praise from another.

“Are you a player?” the blonde kid asked.

They were praising like the children they are. I tried my best to just smile but I can’t think of a possible excuse. I can’t even explain it to myself! It just seemed so impossible, like magic.

I spotted someone under the tree. He had a long black coat over him. Everything he wore was black. His face was grim and his eyes stared to my soul. I felt fear for that moment but one of the boys tugged my shirt.

“What’s your name mister?” One of the boys asked.

“Ch-Chance…” I snorted out.

My heart was pounding with fear. I was scared to my wits. I peeked again at the man but he was now gone like a ghost. It made my fear worse and my eyes were darting from left to right.

My mind was wandering what that man wanted and why was he looking at me at way. I never knew him. But deep in my guts, I know he knew me well for my own good. No one felt the fear I had. They kept chanting my name over and over again like I was their champion. I finally calmed down but I think I wet myself.

The next classes were pretty much a drag too. I was waiting impatiently on my chair, waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for the teacher to go out, waiting for fate to decide what will happen next. I looked around. Everything seems to be in slow motion. Or maybe, I was just imagining it.

Time moved so much slower. I was bored as hell and that was the only explanation I could think of. Ms. Watson was in front and called us one by one. We were now going to pass the scrap book project she told us to do.

I waited for my name to be called. To have a family to start with a letter ‘V’ made everything worse as I have to wait. It was the last subject and I could dart off to the grounds and wait for my sister.

A few more minutes and I was called in front. It was just barely seconds before the bell rings and there would be a stampede on the hallways. I sluggishly went to the front and gave her ‘my’ project.

She told me to stay a few more seconds as she flipped through the pages. I’m sure it was just the initial scan. She showed one of the pages I didn’t notice a while ago. That wasn’t right! What the hell, I didn’t see that one before. The page she was holding was a girly page with all sorts of designs. I was stunned and don’t know what to do. She might misinterpret it that I’m-.that bitch!! I snapped and she closed the scrap book with a smirk on her face.

It was like doom was upon me and I was part of the damned. She giggled a bit and the bell rang. I dashed to my bag as the others ran for the hallways like it was a run for their own life. I never thought that would happen but it did, sooner.

As soon as I ran for the door and get my freedom, one of the bullies stood before me and I hit him hard. I backed away as he sneered at me. This wasn’t a good time at all and I was going furious.

“I believe you owe some lunch money.” He snorted.

“I see you eat paper now.” I snorted. “What does it taste like?”

“Shut up before I shut your mouth for you. Now where is my money?”

“In your ass jerk, now get the hell away from me.”

“Then try me!” I tried to push but he was bigger. “Of course you can’t, you a pussy!”

I remembered he got to a fight a week ago and his opponent had him choke on paper. He was embarrassed as hell but he was ok now. He was red like a bull, a bullshit he was.

“If I’m a pussy then you’re the biggest pussy everyone has ever seen in their own lives. I am sure you’ll make the brightest porn-stars ashamed of themselves.”

“That does it!” He growled.

He made a fist and was about to punch me when something sparked within me again, much like during the break. I brushed his punch and grabbed his arm then did something I couldn’t do. I pulled him and threw him to one of the walls. He slammed to it and fell on the floor.

He grunted a bit and was unconscious a bit. A few of the students were shocked and soon cheered and yelped for me. There was a commotion and I started it myself! I cursed myself and ran for the door before I got caught with all this.

I got out in a sec and looked around. It was the usual sight. Kids would run around towards their homes or get picked up by their parents. I saw my sister with her boyfriend Andy but my sister and I kept it from my parents.

Andy was cool and was like a big brother to me so I didn’t mind at all. I had a lot of good times with him so much I would help my sister deny that they were together and patch things up before they get caught. Our parents were strict but we got used to it. We helped each other like a sister and a brother should.

However, I saw the man in the black coat again on the other side of the road. He was staring at me like before. He was so menacing. My heart was pounding. I was perspiring like I’d seen a ghost. No such luck but I thought he was the reaper ready to get my soul.

I was about to make a move when my sister saw me and called for my name. The couple approached me and I darted my eyes again back to the mystery man,who was now gone as usual, drifting off like a ghost.

“I’ll give you two a ride home.” Andy said. He was older than my sister by a year and he had a driver’s license. He would usually drive us home he won’t dare drop us in front of the house just in case mom or dad spotted us. He’ll drop us somewhere but nearer. We both agree but there was a slump in my throat. I was scared us hell but good thing my skin was pale enough to hide it.

The ride was quick but we went somewhere but not home.

“Where are we going?” I asked. My sister had no idea too.

“We’re going to the movies and watched that film you two wanted so badly.” The two of us was just in awe. “My treat!”

My sister and I cheered and got excited. It was a Friday night and I don’t think mom or dad would bother. It was a weekend tomorrow. We were excited and drove towards the cinema.

The only deal was I will be seating away from them to give the couple some privacy. I’m sure what that ‘privacy’ is. I just giggled a bit about it. We arrived a few minutes later and darted off inside.

We bought tickets, popcorn and drinks, the usual stuff you would buy when watching a movie. I sat somewhere afar and waited the movie to start. Time moved on so fast and I did enjoy myself.

The movie was great with all that effects. I was astounded. However, in the end, I was simply disappointed of the ending. Also, the storyline was pretty much dull and don’t have any much twist. But I enjoyed it at least.

In a few minutes all of the people were out. I scanned the group of people and my sister and her boyfriend were nowhere to be found. I wasn’t scared like a little kid or anything. I know this town in and out. I know how to get home.

But what made my heart jump is the man at the counter. It was definitely him! He started walking towards me with a bit of haste. I thought I should have crapped in my pants anytime now. I was terrified he would even follow me. I myself didn’t know that I’ll be here right now but he did! He must have followed us here. This is the third time I saw this stranger. Oh well, third time’s the charm. He’ll be able to kidnap me but I won’t give him an easy fight.

I started to run outside and into the streets. I was a fast runner and no one ever objected to that. What the hell does he want from me? I’m an ordinary kid. We weren’t that filthy rich either. I don’t know what to do. I can’t think straight either. Not right now.

I fled as fast as I could. I run towards one of the dark alleys to hide and catch my breath but I bumped to someone else. I didn’t look directly at the person first. I gasped sorry for the person and my eyes darted back and looked where the man could have been. I looked at the man before me and my heart almost jumped out of my throat. It was hell.

He was before me with a grim face. He had brown hair and was about a few years older than me. He was wearing black coat up to his knee. Everything he wore was black. There were a few chains for design but he didn’t look like a punk either. His eyes were dark but I see no interest in his. It was black as if he had no soul or heart.

He didn’t look old either. His hands were in his pocket. As soon as I saw that, I tensed myself. He could have hidden a knife or some sharp object inside there. He stepped forward. I stepped back. He can’t kill me here could he? There were a lot of people. Besides, what was the point of killing me? Could he be some distant relative of Reese the bully? Maybe I saw something I shouldn’t but I can’t remember it myself? Maybe it was for his personal gain? Maybe he was distant relative? Maybe I was his target of some sort? Maybe. There’s a lot of maybe but no time of ifs. I tried to think rationally and weighed the maybe and ifs but I don’t understand at all.

“Now now,” he finally spoke. His expression was black and had a calm voice. It was reassuring, reassuring that he knew me. I was shaken deep to the bone. I gulped down and a shiver ran up my spine.

 “Where have you been Israfil?”

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2. Mystery


Chapter 2

I froze. I’m scared out of my wits. I trembled above all else. What should a young boy like me do? Could I even make a difference? Who the hell is this man again anyway? I don’t know him. I just saw him earlier at school. Who is Israfil? I had never heard of him either.

I stepped back. He didn’t make a single flinch. Good. I stepped another. Good. I’m making progress at least. I need to calm down. Maybe this guy is just a whacko. Hopefully he’ll leave me. I gulped down hard.

He’s not taking his hands out of his pocket. I stared at his eyes again. It was blank. There was no rage or anger. He was emotionless. Maybe he won’t show it until later. Maybe. But I’m not sure of that am I?

The air had begun to dense up. I’m starting to breathe heavily too. I don’t know why and how. He removed his eyes of me and dart his eyes left and right. Maybe he’s going to take me alive. Would he really kidnap a worthless brat like me?

Thinking of it made me think I had worth after all. He quickly grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer. I was already calmed but damn, I’m in a state of paranoia again. Thank you very much, yes! He scanned his surrounding again. Hopefully that’s my savior hiding from behind.

I heard a small sound from the dark alleyway. It was dark and who had the wits to hide there? He must have been scared out of his wits too. The mysterious man darted his eyes there. He was still as cold as ice. He was calm and I don’t think it bothered him at all!

Out of nowhere, something jumped behind him. It was a huge shadow. My fear had worsened itself. I know that wasn’t a human being. It was monstrous. What the hell was it? He quickly slid his free hand in his pocket. He stretched towards a shadow. A bright green light sparked out of his palm and flew directly to the shadow.

It was a hellish sight to see. But I dare not to remember the detail. The shadow flew back into the darkness once again. He fixed his eyes again on me. It was the same as ever. That thing didn’t bother him at all. Fuck! Is this guy even human?!

“It’s dangerous here.” He noted dryly. “We should get going.”

“I don’t give a shit about you!!” I barked, mustering all my wits. “Who the hell are you anyway!?”

He was about to respond but stopped. I was perplexed more than ever. He’s a big mystery alright. I wasn’t scared anymore. I’m more irritated now. He held his grip tighter.

He was getting on my nerves now. He smiled thinly. I’m stunned. I don’t know what to do. He pulled me closer again. I resisted this time. I grabbed him by his shoulder and gathered all my strength. I slammed him to the wall with all I could throw. I can’t believe I did it! He grunted and muttered something. I didn’t hear it. It wasn’t English and I knew it.

He exploded!

However, guts didn’t splatter everywhere. That must have been nasty. But no, a huge black fog extended everywhere. I was amazed but scared at the same time. He’s nowhere to be found except the black fog. I gulped down. I can’t feel a human presence anymore.

Before I could make another thought, I heard a growling sound from the shadows again. Damn! I’m scared out of my wits now! I darted off the alley. I ran back to the cinema but hit someone as soon as I got off the alley. I was confused and dazed. I looked at the person.

“Celine!” I said in relief. It was my sister with Andy trailing behind. Their looks confused like mine.

“What the hell are you doing here?”  She said with a disgusted tone. I was frozen…again. I don’t what to tell her. What should I say? Hey sis, guess what, I turned a man into a black fucking smoke! I stammered but I can’t find my voice.

“Cat got your tongue?” she said mockingly. I didn’t bother. She’s usually like that. She just sighed and pulled my sleeve towards their direction. I just looked away, disgusted upon myself. We pass by the alley but of course, I found nothing but the usual crap you’ll find in one.

It was a cold freaky night. I don’t think I could sleep by that much by seeing that cursed stranger two times in a day. I just remembered. Third time’s the charm. I hope the luck on the third try will be on me, no on him! The car is just around the corner and every time I look at other people’s face I see him. I don’t think it’s normal. And I don’t think I am either.

The three of us finally made it to the car and finally rode towards home. The couple was as silent as the night. They might have noticed my unusual. I was loud and noisy a few minutes ago but now I was silent as if I saw a ghost.

Celine kept looking at me on the rear mirror and she’s freaking me out now. I know some sisters are freaks but I don’t think she is one, well sometimes she is. I looked outside. It was dark to see and Andy was driving fast too.

Another turn and he’s going to drop the two of us. How I wish I knew who that person is. I remembered what he told me. ‘Where have you been Israfil?’ I’m still thinking if this person was real or that guy’s crappy imagination. He looked crazy but at the same time he looked so serious as if he was in business. Maybe I should really-. The car stopped.

The two of us made our way out and walked towards home. Andy and Celine exchanged their kisses and goodbyes and goodnights at each other. That was fast. Well, it could have been faster if the three of us was noisy about the movie all ride long. But after seeing a man turn into smoke, I think NOT!

Celine entered the room before me. Aside from being a kill joy, she seemed to be happy after watching the movie. At least she doesn’t need to brag about it. I would have to shut her up if she did. I entered my room and changed to more comfortable clothes.

The rest of the night dragged on. I was still dumbfounded by what happened a while ago. I can’t explain it though. Am I hallucinating? Who the hell was that stranger again? What was in the dark alley?

A hundred questions kept echoing through my head again and again like there was no tomorrow. I even tried putting a pillow over my head, hoping it would stop. My head was hurting like crazy.

Celine and my parents were noisy downstairs. She should be the one explaining why we arrived late. After all, it was her boyfriend that dragged us along in the first place! I myself have no worries about that. I didn’t do anything in my room. There wasn’t anything to do anyway!

I’m glad the teachers didn’t butcher our weekend by giving us tons of work. Ironically, I now wish they did give us something to do. I lay on my bed, doing nothing. I was on my stomach. I rest myself on a pillow but I can’t sleep either. Would counting a herd of sheep do the trick? I closed my eyes and it was good for it to settle in. I’m losing my consciousness until I finally dozed off.

I know it was a dream. If it was anything else, I would rather die. I was in a dark forest where trees are everywhere. The only light that I can see is the crimson red full moon at the middle of the sky. I knew it was definitely midnight. And this midnight is rather out of ordinary.

I tried to reason with myself but my body darted forward. I could hear, feel a sharp presence following behind me. I can’t look back. I can’t even control my body. It was influencing my fear more and more. I swayed my arms against the bushes that seemed to annoy me.

I was definitely in a forest. I could see critters running out of harm’s way. I managed to move my head a bit and see around. There was nothing but darkness and bushes. Suddenly, a scream broke out. I don’t know where it came from. It shattered my ears. It was even demonic to hear. I tried to calm down the best I could.

My body ran faster and faster. I was finally in a small field. There were no crops or anything. It was like a burnt forest, ashes everywhere. Scraps of what was left was there, surely dead. I was in the middle.

My body darted forward but my consciousness was left behind. It was like my soul was completely separated from my body and I was a separate entity. I was in control again, finally. I could feel the dark presence again. I looked back.

A dark figure was staring at me. He was wearing a dark cloak. Its hood was over his head. I could not see who he was. He was simply there. I noticed I was wearing something different. It was like an ancient or old clothe. I recognize it as a peasant’s garment. I somehow sensed that this was a different timeline. However, he wasn’t. His clothes were modern and the material was made of vinyl. The whole cloak was made of it. It was definitely modern.

“Darkness…” it finally spoke. The voice was that of a young man. I could figure out he was male after observing his build. It wasn’t muscular or anything. It was a bit of slender in fact. I stepped back a bit.

“Wh-who are you?!” I snarled.

My emotions were off course. I was suddenly feeling an unreasonable amount of anger out of nowhere. I don’t know what was happening. This wasn’t right. I barely know this person yet I’m feeling so much…hate. I feel like I was going to explode so badly. It was like I was a kid and this guy came waltzing off his ass and stole my candy! I feel so pissed off.

My heart was trembling with anger and excitement. My limbs themselves were shaking with rage. My emotions feel so twisted. I couldn’t control myself. I could even feel my tears boiling inside of me. And out of all that, I was…thrilled.

“Can you see it?” he spoke again. A slight dark aura was enveloping him. I knew there was a sly smile under that hood. It was so menacing.

He brought his right hand in front of his face. He stretched his fingers a bit. He posed it like he was holding a ball. The dark aura had set in motion. It was towards his hand.

The darkness grew more distinct now. It was a frightening view. A ball of flames burst out of his palm. He was holding it like a ball. It was deep blue and black in color. It was definitely some sort of black magic.

Out of nowhere, he suddenly threw it at me! I gasped in horror as it quickly approached the distance. I blocked it with my hand but something sparked inside. I grabbed it and threw it aside.

It exploded into a deep blue flames and black smoke. Splinters of wood and small amount of scattered nicely around the small crater. I didn’t know how I did that. My body automatically moved for me. This was an insane experience.

“It really is you.” He said, pausing for a brief second. “We shall meet again. No, we will meet again…soon.”

And with that, the dark aura turned darker and thicker. It was a void of blackness now. He was consumed by the darkness until he was inside it. The darkness dispersed upwards into the light of the crimson moon.

As I saw it rising, the whole world morphed back to reality and found myself sitting on my bed. I was stunned. It was just a crazy dream...or so I thought.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***

It was a Saturday morning. Hell, it was another free weekend where I could fly as free as a bird. I woke up with a wide grin on my face, knowing there was nothing that could stop me, or so I thought.

I immediately wolfed down my breakfast and took a nice shower to ward of the last of my drowsiness from sleep. My parents were already gone. Celine was surely outside. I was home alone as per usual.

I walked out of my ass and decided I would go to my best friend’s house. I felt the urge to hang outside today. Maybe we could hit the arcade to the something just to get out of boredom.

I waltzed out of our house and to the lawn. I quickly paced towards my Jayden’s house. However, I noticed something utterly different today in the neighborhood today. There was a truck in front of the house being a sold two houses beyond ours. I knew it was being sold for months.

Finally, it was being sold to some family I don’t know. I felt so excited for once at that view. Something triggered inside of me. I could feel something I don’t understand. I felt as if I was a 50 foot monster for a split second there. I felt I was going to tumble down.

Something was wrong. I don’t understand what it is. All I did was look at the truck in the first place! I passed by the house by the sidewalk. There was a black car in front of the truck. I notice it since the truck was blocking the view.

I stared sheepishly at the house. Of course, there were movements inside. But I felt there were movements everywhere. I don’t understand at all. I felt strange all of a sudden. It was like the house had a strong aura protecting it from…me.

I quickly paced towards to my classmate’s house after that. He was a just a block away and I just hope he’s good to go by then. My focus quickly drifted back to the newly sold house from before. I was just so fixed upon it. That feeling, I know it wasn’t normal.

I try to get rid of it but the more I try, the more I fail to do so. I was sinking again in the feeling. I never noticed I was already in front of my friend’s house.

I knocked on the door. Every single time I knock on the door I have to wait for a few minutes before someone opens it up. I waited…and waited. Until his mom finally opened it with the usually day brightening smile she always has.

“Good morning to you Chance.” She greeted me happily. Her enthusiasm was just too contagious I even smiled myself. I blush a bit knowing that I did that for no particular reason. Hell, I would have laughed at myself if there was a mirror nearby. “He’s upstairs."

“Good morning Trish.” I replied humbly. What else should I tell her? It’s not as if she was the reason I’m there on the spot.

Trish had the same brown hair and blue eyes her son has. You could say she was still kind of sexy and younger looking for a mom. She was divorced with her husband when Jayden was still a boy, the same year I met him when they moved here.

She stepped aside and let me walked inside the house to greet my friend upstairs. It was always like this. I just got used to it. His house was like my second home.

We were friends since like we’re little kids. Now almost a decade had passed, we’re still pretty much close together. Honestly, I would like to consider him as my best friend after all that. I know he never acknowledged me that way, but it’s fine for me. I would rather have this friend of mine than hanging around some jerks who think they’re cool or something.

I slowly crept on their stairs. I moved as silently as possible. I don’t think he knows I’m here. He might still be asleep if I thought about it right. His mom would just let me wake him up by letting me in.

I liked Trish, not like like but I like her being there for the two of us. There are times she had to drive the two of us at the other side of the town. Well, we did that just to hit the new arcade there. Now, we don’t care about it pretty much at all. I finally reached the top of the stairs. I looked at his door on the other side of the hall.

I walked forward and turn the doorknob. I pushed it as gently as I could. I dare to make no sound. I wanted to surprise him. I don’t even think that he knows it was already time to wake up.

I poked my head slowly inside his room. I scanned every single detail. I wanted to know if it was safe to come inside. I could see the figure under the blanket. I was on stealth mode. My breath went shallow.

This has got to be timed perfectly. Every single motion of my muscles should be perfect. I wanted this prank to last for a week. I would like to see the shock on his face when I pounced on him.

Slowly and slowly, I was able to get there. I slowly slid my hand towards the blanket and tried to imitate a snake’s movement. I slither my hands and quickly pulled the sheet off of him.

What the hell?

I was shocked. It was just a crafty display of pillows and old toys. I fell for it as usual and I thought I was going to get him this time! My temper rose a bit from my failure. I began to wander fast where the hell he could be.

I felt a cold sharp object poking at my neck. I knew it! I knew he was hiding. I was just too stupid not to realize it. I turned around a bit to see the wide grin on his face. He was holding a toy knife with his hand. It was poked gently on my neck. But I knew more than that! I know he placed it accurately as usual. It was poked where my major artery would be. Whatever it is called.

“Damn! I thought I got you!” I giggled.

“Try harder next time Chance. I’m a better assassin. If you were really an intruder, you would have been drowning of your own blood.”

“Fine, you’re better when it comes to stealth but I’ll be getting the spot when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.”

“”I’d like to see you try little kid.”

“Hey, just because I am a year younger doesn’t mean you get to bully that way.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re a special child.”

“In a good way, of course.” I added.

“I don’t think so. You’re the retarded kind of special.” He giggled.

“Hey! I’m not retarded.”

“And I was born yesterday.”

I just grinned a bit and grabbed his arm and pulled him towards myself. I threw myself down with him over me and performed a trick I learned somewhere else. In a snap I threw him on the bed but he quickly recovered.

I tried to punch him but he threw the blanket over us and I was definitely knocked out of my feet. I quickly stood up and took off the blanket. I was having fun at least. We both knew a bit of martial arts and decide to spar a few times if we could, especially if we are out of moms’ sight. I scanned the sight in front of me.

He was gone and was already at my back. He was just about to grab me when I jumped towards the bed and rolled back to him with a kick. He simply evaded it and I got back on my feet.

We looked each other face to face. I could see his brown hair dried up already. It shot up in different directions as his crystal blue eyes stared at me. His smirk always brightened my mood no matter how down I am. He has this charm that could cheer anyone in my set of friends.

“Like I told you, you still need practice.” He smirked.

“Yeah right, look who backed off.”

“I’m serious! You need a lot of it.”

“I don’t think I need something like that right now.”

“Oh come on. I’ve been awake like more than an hour ago. I already ate breakfast and took my shower.”

“Good! I thought I still have to wait like your mom would always do to me.”

“You do realize I was the reason for that.”

I don’t get it. What did he mean by he was the reason. A jumbled puzzle was on my mind guessing what it could mean. And then I realize it. “So your mom is a pet now?”

“A good pet I might add.” He snorted.

I sighed. “Let’s just go out somewhere there.”

“Now we’re talking!”

The two of us ran down to the stairs and off to outside. We walked towards the nearby park. At least there were a lot of people there. Besides, I knew that his purpose there is that Caitlyn would surely be there. I knew he had the thing for her.

Caitlyn was also our friend and classmate. If we’re lucky she might tag along with us just to save herself from boredom. The sun was a bit high up but it was nowhere hot.

It was the end of October and it’s almost Christmas time. Heck it was cold but I knew that it will snow soon. I was already wearing my jacket to save myself from freezing. And so did my friend before he got out.

And there were go, off towards the park. We sat at one of the bench and talked about the stuff, you know; the usual stuff. We always guessed what Caitlyn’s route would be in the park.

“Hey dude, look at the pedophile over there.” He said, pointing at the man in the coat behind the bush. He was watching a group of little kids playing around the park. He kept himself hidden from their view but not ours.

“What the fuck is he doing? That is so sick!!”

“Hey PEDO!!! Get a better hobby will ya?!” my friend shouted over. It got everyone’s attention including the parents of the kids.

The man gave us the finger and walked away. He just laughed it off and the people were now looking at him. We just had a good laugh from that one after that. It really was sick. I could have kicked that man on the ass for being a psycho like that. We heard a thank you coming from one of the moms.

“I think Caitlyn should be here anytime now.”

“I agree, what the hell is taking her for so long?!” I said impatiently. We waited a few more minutes.

“Oh yeah, I forgot, the house a couple of lots away from us was just bought and they moved in.”

“Which one?”

“You know! The houses where Old man Johnson lived for centuries!”

“Ohhhh, that one! Anything to look at in there?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen any of the house folks for now.”

“Nah, they will come out eventually. They can’t keep themselves locked in for eternity you know?”

“And what if they could?”

“Then I could assume they’re freaks, got it?!”

“Freaks…like you?”

“Oh shut up retard.”






We heard a girl’s voice coming in a direction.

“And finally, the princess shows up!” Jayden said with a relief. He looked at the direction and so did I. Caitlyn was already walking towards us.

However, something else had gotten our attention. She was actually with a guy our age too. Well, their age. I was younger by a year but we’re on the same grade. We were all freshmen. I could have never met these people if I wasn’t able to skip a grade before. And I would be stuck at middle school with a bunch of babies. I don’t think I would like that.

Anyway, I could feel the tension building up with my friend here. I sense that powerful sensation of rage and jealousy. I smacked him at the back of his head hard before he could some damage.

“What the HELL did you that for!?!?” he screamed at me rubbing his head. He was about to give me a knuckle sandwich but Caitlyn was there to save the day. She was already near so he calmed down a bit.

“Hi Chance! Hi Jayden!” she happily greeted us. She was just so carefree. And I think that it was that personality Jayden liked about her. Her companion had a bit of a bitter smile on his face.

Caitlyn had gray eyes like mine. However, she had long light brown hair that extends straightly to her back. It sways freely every time she moves as if it had no weight at all. She is always seen with her beaming smile like Jayden’s but only more gentle.

Meanwhile the other kid had sandy blonde hair. The strands of his hair were as if made of pure gold. His eyes were piercing blue and had a light tone skin like mine. The boy was somehow familiar and was kind of drawn to him. I never noticed I was staring at him already…but not dreamily!

“S-Sorry.” I gasped. I could feel an aura. It was like the feeling when I was at that house. I definitely knew he was from there. I could feel it. No, I knew it the time that aura touched me.

“So the princess had a new dwarf to play with?” Jayden said sarcastically. He was always like that when Caitlyn’s around. It really makes me think he was hiding his feelings for her. That’s just so wrong. He was pushing her away and would end up hurting himself even more.

“Oh shut up Jayden! Don’t be so rude now will you?!” she said with a bit of a higher voice. She could be so overwhelming at times. And when her period comes in, she was a raging storm so no one would really tell her anything that could hurt her feelings, especially Jayden. I think it was the only time that he would be so defensive of her. “He just moved in for Christ’s sake!”

The moment those words came out of her mouth. I was surprised and surprised us both. I was not surprised by the fact that he just moved in.

However, the fact that I was surprised was that what I knew came true. How did I know that? I’m going psycho over here yet no one knows.

 But at the looked of his eyes on me, he….knew.

“Guys, I would like you to meet Trevor.” 

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