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12. Chapter 12 Reviews

Daithi%s's Photo

Jun 05 2013 10:10 PM

(Chapter 12 Review)

They are perfect for each other but baggage is going to get in the way. As soon as SarEr let's down his guard Jiro is going to show up.

View Post Reply from lilansui (author)

Isn't Baggage fun? in the end it always rears its ugly head, but...romance is so sweet we can't let baggage stop us... I think SarEr was just reaching his limit
Conner%s's Photo

Aug 22 2012 07:16 PM

(Chapter 12 Review)

Excellent chapter! Posted Image It's my thought that your storytelling has improved dramatically over the course of this story. I really enjoyed the dialogue in this chapter.

View Post Reply from lilansui (author)

I'm glad you. Thanks for the praise, I'm working hard on it.
Yettie One%s's Photo

Jul 10 2012 07:23 AM

(Chapter 12 Review)

So we are into first date territory! Ha. I figured Cole was going to have to get tough with Savan.
Funny how two such high spirited men sound to be so right for each other, yet they seem to be the only stubborn fools who can't see it.
I love it. :D
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