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Bedtime Stories - - - - -


This is an ongoing collection of poems that are wrtitten when something simply needs to get out of me, they are unplanned and very often suffer from the lack of editing. <br /><br />These poems come to me in the moments before I sleep.
Copyright © 2011 Marzipan; All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Crash 2 reviews, 411 words,
  2. Face in the Crowd 1 reviews, 256 words,
  3. Inner Demons 0 reviews, 191 words,
  4. Full Moon and the Lone Wolf 4 reviews, 311 words,
    This poem was originally unedited and written mere minutes before I crashed. Real desperation turned into sweet dreems. Post edited with Zolia Lily's help.
  5. In Another Lifetime 3 reviews, 410 words,
    This poem was written under alcohol's infuence.

    Thanx for Jian_Sierra for editing.

    In vino veritas - or something.
  6. Angel 0 reviews, 373 words,
  7. They Worship Elephants Somewhere 1 reviews, 294 words,
  8. Space Cowboy 2 1 reviews, 308 words,
    This is my first ever poem and it was originally posted individually after Lugh dared me. It is a fan fic poem.
  9. Lady Luck 1 reviews, 275 words,
  10. Tsunami 2 reviews, 442 words,