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The X-Men Chronicles * * * * * 1 Ratings


When Christopher woke up he was normal, before the sun set that day, he was so much more.
Copyright © All known characters, titles and other related products are the sole property of their original creators. All original characters are my sole property.

Story Note

He will rise among friends and enemies, his life will be plagued by things he never thought he would have to deal with, and his definition of right and wrong will become blurred. WHat happens when life hands you a losing hand and you can't fold?

Table of Contents

  1. I'm a WHAT? 0 reviews, 5,496 words,
  2. Life at Xavier's 0 reviews, 5,653 words,
  3. Kidnapping 0 reviews, 2,239 words,
  4. Search and Rescue 0 reviews, 6,085 words,
  5. New Lease On Life 0 reviews, 8,772 words,
  6. Out of Loss comes Victory 0 reviews, 3,027 words,
  7. Life's a Dance, Learn to Tango 0 reviews, 4,060 words,
  8. Never Let Me Go 0 reviews, 5,523 words,

    Ok so for those of you reading this story, I wrote this WAAAYYYY back when, I have tried to fine tune it, and future chapters are much better, the next chapter and this chapter move at the speed of light, please bear with me? I promise it does get better...thanks =)

  9. From Scratch 0 reviews, 4,367 words,
  10. Chris, I am your Mother 0 reviews, 2,224 words,