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Lem Book 1 of The Backdraft Engagement * * * * * 4 Ratings


Lem and Mattie have been best friends, and neighbors, since they were little. Both raised on Montana ranches, they grew up in a world of 4H and Rodeo, but Lem finds himself insatiably attracted to Jeff, an older boy that just moved in.

Lem soon after discovers that he is also the object of his best friend's desires. It's a truth that blows up in both Mattie and Lem's faces, as Mattie finds himself seriously depressed, and Lem finds himself lost without his best friend.
Copyright © 2007-2011, Dave Milos. All rights reserved.

Story Note

This is a story that I started back in 2007 which was originally posted on the Nifty Archives.

The story is still available there, in it's completed form, however what is posted here will be an updated edition of the narrative that will better tie into the companion story, tentatively entitled "Shadow."

A new, updated chapter will be posted every two weeks or so. They will be updated, and some will include new content.

I am grateful and humbled by all of the compliments and letters that I have received over the last several years--thank you all.

Please feel free to drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue 0 reviews, 2,020 words,
  1. Lem 4 reviews, 6,773 words,
  2. Mattie 4 reviews, 5,335 words,
  3. Buck Moon 3 reviews, 5,799 words,
  4. Summer 2 reviews, 8,045 words,
  5. Lane 2 reviews, 4,654 words,
  6. Sixteen 1 reviews, 5,533 words,
  7. Jeff 1 reviews, 5,555 words,
  8. Flamingo 2 reviews, 4,786 words,
  9. Meadowlark 2 reviews, 4,706 words,
  10. Shadow 2 reviews, 4,813 words,
  11. Abyss 3 reviews, 5,468 words,
  12. Conrad 2 reviews, 5,793 words,
  13. Heather 2 reviews, 6,327 words,
  14. Joey 2 reviews, 6,412 words,
  15. 14 months on... 2 reviews, 6,759 words,
  16. Legacy 3 reviews, 4,426 words,