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In the summer of 1996, Luke Kral finds himself stuck in a small Montana town, living with his tough and controlling grandparents. While he struggles to adjust, he befriends a local gay boy, and together, with another neighborhood teen, the three of them will harbor a horrible secret that will haunt them all for years to come.
Copyright © 2012 Milos; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

This is something I started as a side project, just as a bit of food to whet my writing appetite, but something in the story grabbed me, so I listened with my heart and rapt attention. On this journey, we return to the plains of rural Montana, where a boy from the city, who doesn't belong there, finds himself in a situation with no way out.

The story is overlaid with modern narrative of our main character, reflecting back on what was, what is, and what will be. Nothing here is as it seems.

Montana Burns

Table of Contents

  1. The Fool 3 reviews, 6,053 words,