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The Night's Delight * * * * * 3 Ratings


20 year old Ben knows his life is about to change for real when he returns from the army to discover his brother has become a vampire, and not just any vampire, but the King of them. Ben ends up being captured by a mysterious vampire who wants to use him to get to his brother, Rider. Then, while in their captivity, Ben meets the gorgeously dark man Erebus, who just happens to be prince of the werewolves. Watch a story unfold that is full of danger and smokingly hot men with attitudes!
Copyright © Copyright 2012 MuddyRiverGirl; All Rights Reserved

Story Note

Thanks for reading this story, and I will be updating every week, hopefully! Like the story if you enjoy it and leave a message if you want to share your love and hate, thanks! :D

Table of Contents

  1. Awakening to Moonlight 2 reviews, 1,522 words,
  2. Laurence and The Experience 0 reviews, 1,103 words,
  3. Attack from Outside with Memories Within 0 reviews, 1,539 words,
  4. Breaking Through To Berries 2 reviews, 1,418 words,
  5. Changing Into Something New 1 reviews, 1,003 words,
  6. Grunting and Gasping Over...Love? 3 reviews, 1,244 words,