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Hello, My Name is... * * * * * 25 Ratings


Christian Beck, A thirty something year old Architect in the city of Boston was happily married with children. His life was perfect, storybook perfect even, so he’s told. Problem is Christian can’t remember any of it. After an accident leaves him with memory loss,’ Christian and his family’s lives are turned upside down. Not only does he have to come to grips with the fact that he is married,with children, his biggest hurdle will be coming to terms with the fact that he is gay.
Copyright © 2012 Naptowngirl; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note

It's my hope that you will travel with Christan and his family as he relearns his life,  his husband, his kids and most importantly himself.  It will be an emotional time for all. But real love, endures...  For those wondering, though Christian is confused, he's not a jerk, he just wants to understand and the fact that they're children involved helps...It's going to be fun to watch Christian comes to terms with who he is and watch him fall in love with David all over again...

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Sneak Peek... 10 reviews, 1,047 words,
  2. Chapter 2 First Impressions... 10 reviews, 4,300 words,
  3. Chapter 3, Meet The Children... 11 reviews, 3,471 words,
  4. Chapter 4 And So the Journey Begins... 7 reviews, 5,345 words,
  5. Chapter 5 My reality... 11 reviews, 4,543 words,
  6. Chapter 6...Promises Made 10 reviews, 5,670 words,
  7. Chapter 7 I Think I Can. I Think I Can... 14 reviews, 6,236 words,
  8. Chapter 8 A Road Once Traveled... 9 reviews, 5,183 words,
  9. Chapter 9 Is It All Just A Dream... 9 reviews, 3,035 words,
  10. Chapter 10 The Closer I Get... 8 reviews, 4,532 words,
  11. Chapter 11 A Night On the Town... 15 reviews, 5,670 words,
  12. Chapter 12 Thanks For the Memories... 9 reviews, 4,476 words,
  13. Chapter 13 Déja Vu... 14 reviews, 4,006 words,
  14. Chapter 14 If I Ever Lose This Heaven... 12 reviews, 2,898 words,
  15. Chapter 15 I Do...Again 9 reviews, 4,717 words,
  16. Chapter 16 What About Your Friends... 8 reviews, 3,107 words,
  17. Chapter 17 Hopelessly Devoted... 10 reviews, 4,694 words,
  18. Chapter 18 We've Only Just Begun... 9 reviews, 4,705 words,
  19. Chapter 19 Tonight I Celebrate.. 13 reviews, 3,887 words,
  20. Chapter 20 Hello My Name is Christian Beck... 16 reviews, 2,227 words,