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12. Chapter 12 Reviews

FlowersBite%s's Photo

May 28 2016 08:34 PM

(Chapter 12 Review)

Urgh :angry: I can't stand that freakin weasel Jace! I sooooo want to hurt him so badly!!!! :angry:

Frostina%s's Photo

Feb 26 2012 08:01 PM

(Chapter 12 Review)

he's awake.... Now.. the REAL fight begins. All my best wishes to the boys and the family! :)

View Post Reply from Naptowngirl (author)

Awww...Frostina, that's truly sweet, and your right the real fight starts now. the road to recovery is never easy. Both Joel, Ryan and even Joel's family and friends will have to be supportive and help them through it...

Thanks so much for reading and posting reviews...I not only love it but appreicate it soooo much.

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