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4. Chapter 4 Reviews

johnnyjon1%s's Photo

Mar 21 2013 10:06 PM

(Chapter 4 Review)

What a good story. Things are going so well, I guess this Jace idiot just has to fuck things up. Love the characters. The Mastersons are pretty accepting. Can't wait to read more.



View Post Reply from Naptowngirl (author)

Thank you, Randy, so glad you're enjoying the story. What a plesent surprise to find someone reading it... It put a huge smile on my face...
Slytherin%s's Photo

Sep 12 2012 06:23 PM

(Chapter 4 Review)

*deep sigh* you have done it again Kim, great story Posted Image

View Post Reply from Naptowngirl (author)

You likely eh? lol School Daze is actually one of my favs I had a lot of fun with those crazy kids...hehehe

Thank you again for reading my lil ole stories I'm so glad you're enjoying them. Comments fuel the writers soul and you're keeping well fed ;)

Kim :D
Frostina%s's Photo

Feb 26 2012 09:43 AM

(Chapter 4 Review)

Omy! HOT! yes... expected, NO!!!
way to keep us wondering, Kim! :D
intriguing to say the least! lol.

View Post Reply from Naptowngirl (author)

Thank you...*blushes* It just wasnt time...but the attraction is there for sure...again I'm so glad you're digging School Daze...

Kim :)
Conner%s's Photo

Aug 27 2011 12:39 AM

(Chapter 4 Review)

I thought I had some of the plot figured out. WRONG! Oh well, I'll keep trying. :great:

While there was no sex, which was a good thing for both of the guys, the encounter was quite erotic. Very well done, Kim!

Great chapter! :worship:

View Post Reply from Naptowngirl (author)

Hahaha...Wrong eh? yes keep trying its fun. Joel is a pretty descent guy. He had Ryan up there, but thought better of if. Glad you liked it...I try :D
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