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King of Blades * * * * * 2 Ratings


Coulta gave up his life of murder for the life of a king, freeing himself of a life-long curse in the process. But everything and everyone he has grown to love in the past year will soon be threatened, and he might lose it all. Unless he can find a way to stop what's coming.
Copyright © 2011 Nastasha; All Rights Reserved.

Story Note


This is actually a second story about this cast of characters, which is why I included the prologue as a bit of background. I have wanted to write another story about these characters ever since finishing the first, and this time a story worthy of sharing.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue - A Note From a Father 0 reviews, 1,192 words,
  1. Unveiling 1 reviews, 1,354 words,
  2. Conferences 1 reviews, 1,538 words,
  3. History Lesson 0 reviews, 1,394 words,
  4. Preparations 0 reviews, 1,176 words,
  5. Roofrunning 0 reviews, 1,290 words,
  6. Assassins 1 reviews, 2,054 words,
  7. The Harvest Festival 1 reviews, 1,432 words,
  8. Royal Guests 0 reviews, 1,767 words,
  9. Settling In 0 reviews, 898 words,

    I just wanted to apologize for the length of time that it takes me to get these chapters up. Life is super hectic at the moment, and some days I get no time at all to write. I'm trying not to let too much time pass between postings, but it can't be helped sometimes. Thanks to those who have stuck with me! You guys are the best. :sword:

  10. Power Sharing 1 reviews, 859 words,
  11. Answers 0 reviews, 1,945 words,

    I apologize for the unplanned hiatus. School attacked me with its creativity sucker, and this chapter is too important to write when I wasn't feeling into it...

  12. Blood Ties, Magic Ties, Love Ties 0 reviews, 1,492 words,

    I will be writing and uploading steadily now that school is over. Yay, progress!

  13. New Year 0 reviews, 2,249 words,
  14. A Sick Mind 0 reviews, 1,874 words,
  15. The Third King 0 reviews, 1,062 words,
  16. The Birth of a Prince 0 reviews, 1,446 words,
  17. Complications 0 reviews, 1,258 words,
  18. The Testing 0 reviews, 959 words,
  19. A King's Secret 0 reviews, 1,556 words,
  20. Unusual Allies 0 reviews, 2,376 words,

    Sorry for the delay in updating. This chapter and I have developed a hate-hate relationship. It tried very hard to not be written. And I'm trying very hard to finish this entire story before classes start again in about two weeks.